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My name is Kerri and I live in Barbados, to some of you it’s known because of Rihanna, while others still think it’s a part of the island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean. Either way, let me just say, it’s paradise and snow-free so Google it, or better yet, come visit!

Anyways, I have decided that I want to share my hairstory (like history) and let others share their hairstories and journeys too.

MY JOURNEY (so far)

My last relaxer was in October 2014, and just before Christmas I made the decision to make that my last relaxer for a while.

Five months in, one protective style (box braids) later and besides having a good 2-inches+ of growth, I can also assure you, I am already turning into a pj (product junkie), honestly! lol

I am not choosing the BC (big chop) method, because the corporate world isn’t most welcoming in all spheres in Barbados, and plus, I did a BC in 2007 when at University, so this time around, I am going the transition route. Fingers crossed, it will be an almost 12-month transition.


I have embarked on finding others to tell you their tales too, their highs and lows, favourite products, hair regimens and the works, so stay posted, because frequently, not just MYstory will be told, but also HISstory and HERstory, and all OUR hairstories, because sometimes, you just need a little guidance or encouragement to help you stay natural.

Oh…and do comment and share your own mishaps or request to share your own story. : )