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Welcome Deidre!


  1. Name: Deidre Mayers
  2. Age: 31
  3. I’ve had natural hair from 2000 and locks from 2007
  4. I tried straighten hair for a change but the chemicals didn’t agree with me so I opted to go back natural
  5. Just decided to cut off the straighten ends and let the hair catch back itself. I decided to locks my hair just for a change to something different, getting my hair plait became too much of a chore.
  6. It was a drastic change but as my hair became longer it was easier to manage (prior to locking my hair).  The transition to locks wasn’t easy at the beginning and I wanted to cut it so many times because of the “fuzziness” it has to go through prior to forming into full locks.
  7. I wash my hair every two/ three weeks, dry it, Palm roll and style it.
  8. I don’t have any favourite products. I mainly use olive oil and other oils to keep the roots nurtured.
  9. We have plenty hair stores in Barbados so it isn’t difficult to get products to do my hair.
  10. I love to do my hair in the bob, not sure what the correct name for that style is at the moment
  11. A good hair day is when my hair is styled and fresh, a bad hair day is when my hair needs doing but I just don’t have the energy to do it at that point so it would be brushed and placed in one until I get to wash it and style it.  One frustrating feature about my hair is that it gets really fuzzy at the root after a week/ week and a half in a style, so I have to be sure to tie it down and keep it oiled.
  12. I don’t have any hair crushes
  13. To employees and teachers, your hair doesn’t define who you are, embrace your ethnicity and understand this will always be apart of our ancestry.
  14. (Describing her hair in one phrase, this locs Queen said,) My crowning glory – I love how it’s transformed over the years from being short and nappy to long and beautiful.
  15. The only thing I’ll look to do is give it a colour, but not sure what colour or when I’ll do it. G

Good Luck Deidre as you continue to sustain strength, health and growth! Beautiful locs.