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Firstly, this hair tool is one that many naturalistas swear by. What is it?

It’s none other than the satin/silk bonnet!



This little baby helps to keep your tresses away from the pillowcase and the sheets at night when you drift out to sleep. It prevents hair breakage and frizz as well as helps in the onerous task of retaining moisture.

With a silk bonnet, you can help keep your oils – natural, cold pressed and essential, in your strands and along your scalp, instead of on your pillowcases and on your faces, contributing to despised breakouts.

Your hair and skin can live side-by-side if you just invest in this nifty tool – the satin bonnet. Thankfully, when I say “invest”, it is not too costly. In most places in Barbados (where I live) you can secure a bonnet for less than $15 or even $10 which is about US $5.

There are two types of satin bonnets. I for one prefer the one with the flat solid hidden stretchy band, as it does not leave a lovely elastic print across your forehead come morning.



However, if truth be told, I am not #TeamSatinBonnet anymore, I’m #TeamSilkScarf, but that’s another tool and another tale for another time!

What Team are you?