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Andisha Pierce is from Barbados , aged 27 and natural for the past two years. Hair’s her Hairstory!

Natural Glamour

Natural Glamour

In a few sentences, while laughing, she described herself for you the readers.

“In all honesty what comes to mind first is I’m stubborn and witty lol. Most of all I am Focused and very determined, if I really want something I have no choice but to go after it and I don’t accept failure as an option, which leads me to be a bit hard/critical of my self but God isn’t finished with me, I’m a work in progress.”

Her Story…

I went natural because chemicals were damaging the back of my hair, getting too costly and causing me some strange headaches.

I was transitioning but it was sooo annoying having two totally different textures so within months, I big chopped.

It was really difficult for me at first since I really wasn’t hands on with my hair at all, my hairdresser did everything when my hair was straightened.



Well I usually have my hair in protective styles but when it isn’t I wash, use leave in conditioner, detangle and style. I try to keep it very simple.

Most cantu shea butter products, Eco gel, design essentials shampoo & conditions, organics(ogx) nourishing coconut oil.

Sometimes I research and find products I’m interested in trying and then I can’t find them. But the search Is not so bad with stores like beauty supplies.

I love Bantu knot outs but when they’re like a day old and slightly frizzy.

Sometimes you try a product for the first and your hair just doesn’t come out like the girl on the YouTube video lol, happened a couple times.
The reality is we all have different hair types and mine is a wiry 4b/4c hair so it can be a bit difficult to style so that is pretty frustrating especially when I’m in a hurry.

Yup Tracee Ellis Ross is the only hair crush I’ve ever had.

Tracee Ellis Ross #Haircrush

Tracee Ellis Ross #Haircrush

I really don’t think that anyone has the right to tell you how to style YOUR own hair, yes there are some work environments that may restrict it for good reason such as food establishments (I have witnessed this where I work, the young lady has sooo much hair. Hence why I use protective styles). But for most cases I don’t understand how a twist out or any neat natural style can be such a major distraction. I believe we as black people have been so brainwashed over the decades that what is ours doesn’t even look right anymore. I just don’t understand it and would really love to hear the reasoning behind it. So if natural hair is not for the office or classroom, where is it appropriate when we are at school/work most of our days. It seems to me you want us to tame our manes for no logical reason.

My hair is my Untameable Mane.


SpecialKinks: What response do you get now that you’re natural once again, Andisha?

Since I’ve been natural a lot of people question why I did it but I have gotten more positive reactions than negative. Most of my family and friends encourage me to stay natural or return to dread locs; they say that’s me at my best.

SK: So, any plans for your hair going forward?

A: I want to dye it but I may return to dreadlocks pretty soon so I haven’t as yet.

Where can you find her now?

You can find me on my business pages on Fb : cheat day bakery
IG : cheatday_bakery

Best wishes baker, naturalista Andisha!

A: Thanks to you as well!!