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I made mention of my trusty buddy in the previous post, and this time it gets a post of its own – the silk or satin scarf!

Covered and edges laid!

Covered and edges laid!

I didn’t so much as cheat on my satin bonnet with my silk scarf as I fell for the versatility of my scarf.

When I got my first protective style during this transition, back in January, my satin bonnet was no match for my box braids. It does could not handle the job. Honestly! It could not cover it.

So I was left to go to the hair supplies store, because I refused to let my strands fend for themselves while in a protective style. I did not want that after weeks tucked away my hair would end up being worse than when I started.

I was determined to get something that could fit.

That’s when I found my silk scarf. It’s amazing, it has two silks. One that clings to hair to keep it set and stop it from sliding off, and a reverse side that is smooth, so it glides across the pillow and sheet while I toss and turn in my dreamless sleep. (I’m not much of a night-dreamer…day dreaming is a WHOLE ‘nother story lol)

So not only does my silk scarf fit when I have in braids and when I don’t…it is also my latest secret weapon.

This scarf when folded like a band, placed across my hairline and secured in a knot at the base of my skull, is the best way to get my edges laid. I LOVE IT! (Unfortunately, this means that I can be seen with my scarf on, on my way to work, because I want the pressure applied for as long as possible, but I don’t care, cause the results are worth it every time.)

My silk scarf helps me say “What two textures?” as I look upon my smooth ponytail.

God bless this invention.

And that my friends, is why I am #TeamSilkScarf or #TeamSatinScarf not #TeamSatinBonnet.