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This bonnet is in a league of its own. In fact, it’s the hottest one out.

Which one is it? Can you guess? Well without further ad0, it is the Conditioning/Elastic Band, Heat-Process Cap.

Heat captured

Heat captured

The Magic Collection makers describe it as “easy, sexy, comfy”; well I agree on two counts lol

This cap comes to the rescue of those who hate sitting under the hooded dryer during the DT – Deep conditioning Treatment.

Also, it’s a saving grace for some people who wash their hair in the shower, and despise stepping out to add heat, before once again returning to the shower to rinse.

This cap allows you to complete the entire DT process while in the shower, if that is your preference. If you wash in the sink, this little hottie helps you read to pass the time or watch Netflix or complete chores without leaving a trail of water around the place.

The Heat-Process Cap:

  • Retains natural body heat
  • Full size to fit (Please realise that this is accounting for hair having been sectioned, twisted and tucked under. NOT with hair being free in a fro)
  • Keeps conditioner from dripping, and hair is covered and kept in place, throughout the full process.
DT 1,2,3

DT 1,2,3

Everyone may not own one of these but it is trusty and helpful. Honest!

In Barbados, I was lucky enough to attain mine at the low price of $5 which equates to USD$2.50. (That’s cheap on this lovely island.)

What do you use? This bonnet, the hooded dryer or a hand held dryer periodically, as you deep condition!