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Hair’s a hairstory with a difference!

Dear SpecialKinks readers, meet Blaise from Trinidad and Tobago (Land of the Hummingbird and sweet soca).

In her late 20’s, Blaise shocked me when she said that she has been natural all her life!

Long tresses #BSL

Long tresses #BSL

So there were no explanations about big chops, transitions or difficult beginning stages. Yes, it was a surprise revelation, but a great surprise nonetheless!

SK: So Blaise, what is your hair regimen?

Blaise: Wash every 2 weeks. Deep condition once a month. Spritz glycerine and water 3 times a week. Protective hairstyle. Don’t sleep without hair protection

SK: Name your favourite products



Blaise: Glycerine and water. Kinky Curly Knot Today (KCKT) leave in conditioner. Herbal Essence conditioner

SK: How easy or difficult is it sourcing products that you love to use on your hair where you live or reside?

Blaise: Very easy.

SK: Favourite style

Blaise: Two strand twists

SK: Tell me about a great hair day or a bad hair day in short, or about a liked or frustrating feature about your hair.

Blaise: My hair is bra length and with lots of individual knots and split ends.

Great hair day is when people ask me if my twists are braids. lol.

Bad hair day is when you have so much hair that you don’t know what to do              with it ( don’t like pulling my hair in one too often).

More power to her, avoiding a ponytail daily.

SK: What would you say to employers and teachers out there who think that natural hair is not for the office or the classroom, respectively?

Blaise: Get with the times. Learn to love and respect the hair you were blessed with.

SK: Describe your hair in one word, and why?

Blaise: SHE – sometimeish, heavy and ebonized

Very nice description, if I do say so myself. lol

SK: Name something outrageous or edgy or just different you would love to try with your hair but have not had the guts to try YET! (Dye it purple, shave the sides, etc.)

Blaise: Relax it or loc it or even keratin orrr dye it (I need to know it wont get too damaged)

Regardless of what you try in the future, I agree, I hope your hair remains healthy Blaise. Thanks for doing this interview.