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You may have had a Goody brush as a child, or a no name pretty blue, green or red one or just a dull brown handle brush, but today in the world of naturalistas, there is one brush to rule them all…

What brush is most popular? Well of course it’s the Denman brush.

And I own the Denman D3 Brush.

My D3 brush

My D3 brush

A blessing is what this brush is, if used PROPERLY!

In the books of persons like me, who grew up with a granny or grandmother or mother or aunt or cousin who loved to give our natural hair a good vigorous brushing, this brush feels good.

I don’t know where you are from, but in Barbados there are many people who like to FEEL their hair being brushed. They even say things like “Brush it like yuh got life” or “It aint gine cry” or “Hair aint got no feelings”.

But if you don’t have those experiences, or have tender scalp, then you may not understand the “bristles” of the Denman D3 Brush.

If you never detangle with a comb or brush and only use your fingers, you too will not fancy the Denman brush.

Now that the lovers and haters have been differentiated. Let’s get to use!


More knowledgeable and more well-informed today in 2015, I know that tugging and pulling and brushing hair hard is NOT the way.

That said, the Denman D3 Brush is handy when hair is damp and well slathered in detangler; conditioner and water; or leave-in conditioner.

We all know now that we should not brush and comb our hair dry.

With this in mind, don’t tug and pull on your curls with this brush abusing the strands, snapping and popping off hair willy-nilly.

The Denman D3 brush does not have to be used daily!

HOW to Use

Use Denman with your choice of Leave-In

Use Denman with your choice of Leave-In

Use this brush on damp hair. Spritz your hair with water or a glycerine and water mix or a conditioner and water mix before detangling.

Or on wash day, use after you rinse out your conditioner and have dried some of the water out of your hair. Do not use on dripping wet hair.

It really is a gem for detangling if used correctly.

NOTE: Please, please, please section your hair to detangle. I see people simply combing or brushing their ends when in a ponytail. That is not detangling.

Take care with your hair.

No kinky hair tool is good if used badly.