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This Barbadian artist is “mad” at work in and out of the studio. We caught up with him before he boarded a plane to Guyana to perform, but not so much to delve into his work as much as we just wanted to hear about his hair.

Peter Ram and his RAM phone

Peter Ram and his RAM phone

And without missing a beat, Peter ‘Yella African’ Ram told us about his locs and more.

Having to throw his memory back decades to when his loc journey began, he said he started it with “scrunching needle” and hibiscus.

Ram: “We used to grate and grind them together then soak the hair.”

But today in 2015, with his long, well-formed locs, he says he cares for them usually by washing them with African shampoo and just shake them to dry them.

Ram: I wash them weekly, nearly every weekend, then get it locs up and grease up, natty up. But you can’t just re-loc every day.

(Clearly, he doesn’t suffer from a case of HIH – Hand In Hair syndrome.)

Styled by Nola

Styled by Nola

However, if he has to hit to the stage, he finds his loctician – Nola Henry at BeautifulU to “get it nice up, re-loc.”

Ram: She does different things to my locs. I give her freedom. I don’t tell her what I want. Sometimes she does a hair net, basket, pineapple, whatever.

SK: How easy or difficult was it locing?

Ram: I have that curly hair and curly locs are harder to form, and you end up with some big and small, along with one or too bongos so it’s not spacey. And you can’t do hair like mine too thin or they will pop.”

SK: What are your Favourite Products

Ram: I still love Dax grease, the black one, that old, nice and thick. African’s Best Supergro hair scalp and conditioner.

SK: What is your Go-to Hairstyle?

Plait down now.

African Look for 2015

African Look for 2015

SK: What would you say to employers and teachers who do not like natural hair or believe it is unprofessional?

Ram: Natural hair, the name alone is natural, so that is wrong. If a yout has Rastafari backings, and his parents let him come up with it, Indians wear the pants under their uniforms and nobody tells them they can’t, so I think you can’t tell the Rasta yout nothing either. My daughter has locs like me, and she goes to secondary school with her locs all neat up. So, if the boys go school with their locs in a tam that is the same colour as their socks or shoes, it is okay to me, because nobody can’t make me cut my hair. If my daughter got in trouble for her hair, I would go to the school upset once her hair not wild up. I think once it natural and neat, you go school for education not for hair.

SK: What are you, Mr. LIME* Ambassador working on now outside of studio?

Ram: I am the only one to have a phone to his name. No one did it and I did it, the LIME family really [shocked me], when I thought it was cool and calm.

He said that the when the Marketing Rep sent a picture to him showing the new phone in the box.

Sold Out Announcement

Sold Out Announcement

Ram: You print on the name on the box, that is the name of the phone?! PLUM are the makers, and it name RAM. It’s a good phone. It takes you back to the Nokia days. It’s sturdy and durable. It is quad band, dual sim, has FM radio, camera, video, torch light, loud speaker, waterproof, it rough!

At the DOME Mall last week was the launch and if you see the kind of people to come and buy it.

It is not a touch screen, not a smart phone, and yet the orange and black ‘Sold Out’ [last week], and now all the all black ‘Sold Out’ too.

I give all the forward to the LIME boss and staff for the wonderful endorsement.

SK: Music wise, Ram is busy too.

Ram: I’m just dealing with the music. He left Barbados April 4, 2015, to go Guyana “cross the river Demara side” and to Port Kaituma. Then on return, he will take to the stage at the Digicel Reggae Beach Party 2015, before going back to Linden, Guyana, May 1, 2015.

SK: What’s in store for the festival this year?

Ram: This Crop Over gonna be sick, I singing in every fete… I judging for everything. Is madness when I come, Ram hungry this Crop Over!

Well best wishes!

Find him: Ram Fan Page

Ram Facebook

LIME* – This is a Telecommunications company in Barbados, (Cable and Wireless – Barbados).