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It’s an exciting and dreaded time – equal parts! When is this? It is when one must remove his or her braids, and in this case, I’m referring to extensions.

Box braid removal

Box braid removal

In the past as one who has worn braids no more than 10 times in 27 years, I am no expert in this process, but I can tell you I have learnt on each and every occasion, how NOT to remove braids lol

That said, try your best when unbraiding not to knot up your hair.

If you are saying or yelling “ouch Ouch OUCH!!!” all the while as you drop the extensions to the floor, you are going about the process wrong Wrong WRONG. The only things that may hurt are your arms, neck and posterior (lmAo) because it takes patience and time to remove your once lovely protective style.

How I Remove my Braids 

#MyTeam lol

#MyTeam lol

Conditioner I love you! Cheapy V05 conditioner with good slip and some added oil mixed together [I use any oil or a combination including tea tree oil and jojoba oil], along with a spray bottle containing water have helped me to remove my braids without leaving a tangled mess behind.

Bobby pins help keep sections tucked away as well.

1) Cut the end of the braid, without cutting my hair (easier said than done. My relaxed hair has length, but thankfully now it also has colour *whew* lol)

2) Unbraid or untwist

3) Spritz hair with water, add conditioner/oil mix thickly to root of hair

4) Repeat on five braids depending on the size. (less if large braids, 6-10 if smaller)

5) Pull apart clumped hair at roots with my fingersDSC_3090 (1)

6) Loosely twist or plait this big section as one together and tuck it under.

7) Repeat steps 1-6 until all my hair is unbraided, finger separated, sectioned and conditioned.

Optional (8) Using a wide tooth comb, comb through each section and re-plait or twist.

9) Cover with a plastic cap and go to sleep [Consider this an overnight pre-poo] OR start hair wash process.

My HORROR story

Bye Rapunzel

Bye Rapunzel

That’s what I do now, because once I unbraided, did not separate or detangle my roots, and the build-up at the root formed knots, which I assumed would “disappear by prayer and during the wash process.” Instead, when wet, these knots make for a headache, a flood of tears and a painstakingly long detangling process. Swear I was forming locs.

Only God knows how that episode did not end with me and a scissors sitting in a pile of my own hair as opposed to a pile of kanekalon synthetic hair. God is good.

So, in essence, PLEASE take care when removing braids, you don’t want to lose all the hair and length you just worked so hard to protect.

What’s your removal process like? Any horror stories to shair? 

P.S. Am I the only one whose head feels lighter next day, wishes I didn’t have to comb my hair and misses playing with twists/braids unconsciously? lol 🙂