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To long-term transition or to big chop, is that not always the question? 😉  #justsaying


What to do? #SenegaleseTwistsRemoved

My Second Natural Journey – BC (counting birth to age 11 as my first lol)

Let me give you some background about myself. Every year on my birthday or for my birthday since about 2005, I made the unconscious decision to always change my “look”, my hair, as a gift to myself. Actually the tradition sort of extends prior to 2005, just while in secondary school (high school) the change happened for the start of the academic year or year group.

So in 2007, my change was actually a big chop. I remember it barely, however clear as day through the haze is me sitting in shock in the chair at the natural hair salon. I remember the hair lying on the floor, and the loctician having oiled my scalp and hair so much that it was running down my neck, and my new “locs” which were about two-inches long if so much, pinned-in and tucked into a “lovely” style.

Big chop '07

Big chop ’07

I remember not speaking as I left and went to university. I remember constantly thinking WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO??!!! I remember continually wiping my neck and ears as the oil felt like it was still dripping. I remember walking in and out of class and skipping class for the very first time to go to the rest room and take down my hair, remove the pins and rubber bands and open up my hair, while struggling to hold back tears which may or may not have escaped.

I went home early that day sad and depressed. Of that I am sure.

But like a champ or a science student who couldn’t hide in bed and away from class until my hair grew out, I bought material and wraps and rocked awesome head ties. Thank You Lord. Back then there was no TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) abbreviation or TWA community or movement. It was me and me A-lone, or that’s how it felt. But between hiding my hair and twisting my hair constantly (protecting it unknowingly), I retained length QUICKLY.

Third Hair Journey – BC or Long-term Transition?

3-strand twists

3-strand twists

Okay, all that to say, having walked the big chop way before, this time around I was planning to do the long-term transition thing. I had it all set out in my head after seeing Chime Edwards and others on YouTube who transitioned for 12, 16, 20, 24-months. But today while I watched hair journey videos of persons who long-term transitioned then chopped, the length reached seemed less than achieved by big choppers.

As a previous big chopper, I can say that that route gets me strength and length at a good rate. By a year, I rocked a huge puff and loved my hair. But these long-term transitioners their growth though present, it seems to be at a slower rate.

So with these new eyes, I don’t know how much longer I will transition for, honestly, but we’ll see.

Hesitation roots

Plus, this time, I am not alone. There is a significant other. And though he may not actually care about the cut, I am really not sure what he will think or what I will think he will think. Females are truly complex. Or maybe it’s just me (more likely reason *sigh*). Oh well… lol 🙂

Rocking a flexi-rod set

Rocking a flexi-rod set

P.S. I really can’t wait to have back my huge puff to tuck under, *sigh* but until then, I love a great braid out, twist out, flexirod set or bantu know out, even for work.