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If there is one thing that all naturals or naturalistas can agree on, it is that moisture is essential.

Water, H20, Aqua – it’s the ingredient you hope to see first in the list on most natural hair products.

That is how IMPORTANT water is our tresses.

Natural hair thrives when watered properly. So, on that note, this week’s kinky tool is the trusty spray bottle.



Some people simply fill the spray bottle with water, while others swear by a ‘water and glycerin mix’ and yet others like myself use a ‘water and conditioner mix’.

The spray bottle with water is what saves strands from breaking, snapping and popping when manipulated while dry and brittle.

Water+Conditioner mix

Water+Conditioner mix

My Night Routine OR Day-time Routine days after my Wash Day

1) Section hair into at least four

2) Spritz with water or mix

3a) Seal with oil


3b) Seal with butter

(Night-time) Put on satin scarf and go off to La La Land

(Day time) Style hair

I count my spray bottle as a part of my hair care kit. And I like to use it on “mist” or “spray” not the squirt or jet-stream settings. What say you?