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What you know about this transition life?

My go-to style: Flexirod out ♥

My go-to style: Flexirod out ♥

Well where I’m from long-term transitioning is a rarity and I can’t say I will be an anomaly going the length, all I can say for now is that I have passed six months and that is usually Big Chop territory in the Caribbean Sea.

Now I am not making any projections because even when I was on the creamy Crack, that is, getting relaxers for those not au fait with the lingo, even back then, I was in love with the scissors ✂ cutting fever I had cutting fever (sing it like I’m in Love with the Coco 😂) .

I'm in love with the scissors ✂

I’m in love with the scissors ✂

So don’t place any bets on me transforming 7 months into 12 or even 10 lol. Save your money 💵 for conditioners and oils lol.

Anyways, all the time watching aside, I’m enjoying the ride. I am loving my waves and embracing my textures, both of them. My relaxed hair was good to me, please remember I’m not transitioning due to breakage or chemical damage, it’s merely a personal choice and change.

So let me let you in on my observations to date.

A ponytail day - month7

A ponytail day – month7

By now I’ve noticed that a good few Transitioners have lost most of their ends at the back of their heads and at the nape between 4-6months post-relaxer, so I’m proud of the fact that 7 months in and two protective styles later, I still have my edges and a full head of hair with ends that are not scraggly or stringy, to the point I’m being asked if I have in a weave. That question makes me cackle now because if my hair looks like a weave, it’s a terrible horrible awful weave. Lolol 😂

But on the days when I take care to blend my textures I get lots of compliments. God bless flexirods. That is my go-to style presently. My going out hair is a flexirod out. 🙂

Flexirod out style... Photo after I interviewed Popcaan

Flexirod out style… Photo after I interviewed Popcaan

I am trying my best to avoid ponytails because I want to keep my edges and I really am not accustom to the absence of sleek, smooth edges and poof free ponytails. That said, I am learning to use my Denman brush and rely heavily on my satin scarf when I do brush a week old flexirod out or bantu knot out into a ponytail .

And as we all know, it’s a learning process and a journey, and thankfully I’m getting better every day, weekend and month.

I’m honing my techniques and fighting the product junkie bug.

I just wrote this post to keep you all in the know.

7 months growth.

7 months growth.