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I’m sure in the Good Book, the Bible, the temptation being referred to was not hair care products, but in 2015, I have to say to naturalistas, try to resist the urge to buy more and more and MORE hair care products and tools.

I am firmly seated in the congregation here on this post, honestly. I myself have to fight this pull. (With this temptation….the force is strong ha ha)

Being a member in a local Natural Hair Group in Barbados and a Caribbean Natural Hair Group on Facebook, daily I see new products popping up and raving reviews. Because let’s admit it, a product just always seems to do wonders for SOMEONE! There is always that one person who has tried it and she (usually) is so compelling that you are like “That’s just one review, but she was so thorough and the texture of her hair and mine, wellllllllll if it’s not expensive, you never know unless you try, **adds product to To Buy List**

This product, especially the Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk is flying off the shelves in Trinidad... I see allyuh #productjunkies flooding #Pennywise lol

This product, especially the Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk is flying off the shelves in Trinidad… I see allyuh #productjunkies flooding #Pennywise lol

I know I am not alone.

Shooooot, I know I am better than some people, because some of you don’t even consider if the reviewer has the same or a similar texture of hair to your own, so HA! Don’t laugh at me. I see you! Lol 🙂

But yes, this #productjunkie thing is real. So what I have decided to do is to take the logical road. I am trying not to dabble in too many products so that I know what is working.

In other words, if not for the sake of my purse, savings account or bills, I will stop at least so I know where exactly my money going, what impact it is truly having.

If you use A today, B tomorrow, C next week, and D on Sunday, if your hair falls out next Monday, is it because of A, B, C or D and how many apples will you have left? EXACTLY! No clue. Lol

In order to know what is working or not working, stick with something first, use it, tweak it, readjust, and then consider it a fail if the results don’t improve. Now if you use it and it seems to do nothing, I have always heard when it comes to the human body, things take 3 months. So don’t look for change necessarily immediately in all cases, especially if hoping for growth or thickness or strength. Shine and moisture well that’s different, you can check for those the same time and few hours after.

Recently in Barbados, it was where is all the pure JBCO... Wunna gots tuh stop! lol

Recently in Barbados, it was where is all the pure JBCO… Wunna gots tuh stop! lol

So to the #productjunkies note the reviews and the product names, but hold off until some product you own runs out. In other words, give yourself a chance to use up what you have and clear a little space on the top of your chest of drawers, vanity, table or shelves, because we all know, some of you be running out of space to store everything.

Recently I even heard of one naturalista who was ready to rush out and try something she had already, untouched, covered in dust and just waiting amongst her stash.

So fight the urge, yield not to the temptation.

Remember, natural hair is only as expensive as you make it! Consider Naptural85’s recent advice, focus on techniques not products, at least sometimes.