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Cut it out.

Cut it out.

Hear me out! 

I know that some people are huge advocates of the BC – Big Chop, but please stop acting like it is the only way.

Let’s exercise some democracy in this Natural Hair Movement, pretty, pretty please. Yes I am aware that the appearance of the please does not matter but I beg you nonetheless. (Despicable Me reference lol 🙂 )

Some people are comfortable transitioning, do not take it upon yourself to accost them yelling, “Cut them off! Cut them right off!”

Creamy crack kit

Creamy crack kit

You all sound like the old lady in the street demanding that the naturalista “Get a relaxer! Straighten those knots! Fix your head!”

Or on the other hand, I’m sure some of you who are advocates of finger detangling would not want to hear “Comb your damn hair! Find a comb!”

Please stop telling transitioners to cut their ends, to stop holding on to their ends, to just let them go.

Ecclesiastes 3 in the Good Book speaks to “a season for everything”, people will grow, and people will cut, in their time, NOT YOURS!

Now, if a transitioner asks for some input, go ahead and offer that advice freely. Who am I to say wrap your opinion in nicety? Who am I to advise to say, “If you’re ready, cut, if not, don’t.” Though that is what I wish more people would say, I am not telling you what to say, as I know that is not my place.

I understand that for some the BC equals freedom and acceptance of self, but for some it is a major headache if done too soon, and even a regret. And that is not want anyone wants.

Tears may dry, but not all individuals who big chopped, look back and feel confident or sure about that decision at that time; and that’s a shame.

The wish for everyone should be a healthy and fun-loving hair journey, so please cut when you feel ready to cut, not before.

Cut, cut, cut when ready!

Cut, cut, cut when ready!

The BC is a HUGE step… it should be looked back on with a smile, even if it is to laugh at yourself because you cried. At the end of the day, you should look back with joy, not big chop, hop out the chair and rush to find the nearest scarf, hat, beanie, weave, wig or braids to hide up your hair until you can accept it. #Honest

Big Chop when you are ready! #That’sAll 🙂