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Is this good hair versus bad hair battle all in our heads, or should I say on our heads? (Get it?! Lol #justkidding)



Now let us remember first and foremost that this is all my opinion as usual. These are my thoughts.

So with that said let’s jump into this interview. Dear Kerri, what is good hair?

Well I’m glad you asked that Special Kinks…

In my opinion good hair is simply healthy hair. I think people focus too much on letters, numbers, textures and patterns instead of strength, shine and moisture retention.

I believe healthy hair whether long, short or medium length is beautiful and good.

I am sure you have seen a TWA that made your hands itch to touch her hair.

On the other hand, have you ever seen a girl with some cornrows that were so neat you swear they were crotched and the freshness and shine had them calling your name?

Or have you ever washed your hair and applied a new product, which made your hair so soft and tangle free that angels started singing the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus?

Good hair is a phrase that people toss around like a feather, but it’s definition for some people is quite heavy and weighted down by society’s opinion.

New growth!

New growth!

What do I mean? I have been told about “my good hair” before, I wouldn’t lie. I have been told you got good hair for cornrows as a child; “it is thick and lovely and stays tidy for a good two weeks once tied down at night.” When I had relaxed hair, I was told you have good hair, “it take the relaxer and still thick and nice.” When I went back natural previously, I heard, you got good hair, your twists so curly and your hair grows so fast. When I was texturised I heard, “girlllllll your hair so curly, but then again you got that good hair”. And most recently as I transition, when I take pics and show my roots, I hear, “wa you could afford to go back natural, you got good hair girl.” 😒

Well all I can say is thank you, because at every stage in my life’s hair journey, I can say the focus was on keeping my hair healthy, thick and lush. 😉

So to all who said at any time that I have good hair, Thank you. I am glad you saw the work, effort and time that went into wash day, greasing day, detanging, styling and maintenance.😳

Now over on the end of the spectrum, I hate to hear people complain about bad hair.

“Me? Go back natural? No suh! My hair aint like yours. I got that hard hair.”

But what grinds my gears more than hearing the phrase “hard hair”? I ABHOR hearing even more than “hard hair”, “Girl I got nigga hair, that hard knotty hair. It aint cute and it aint pretty!”

When were we brainwashed to think this way?

I don’t see bad, hard or nigga hair. I see coarseR hair. I see denseR hair. I see hair that has volume. I see hair that stands without the need for teasing with an afro-pick. I see hair that is big. I see hair that calls for confidence to rock it. I see hair that doesn’t flop. I see hair that withstands wind. I see hair that sticks in place when open. I see hair that is closest to that of our African descendents. I see hair that is least diluted. I see hair that is gorgeous and locs easiest. I see hair that should be embraced and loved. I see hair that once moisturised well and clipped periodically like any other hair, is good too.

But that’s just me.

So when people see the good about some hair types, I see good in all, once they are kept health. Each type has its strengths.