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What led to this post? That’s what you may be wondering.

Well in addition to many people believing that they can be bullies in the comment section under people’s photos on social media, this one bully went a step further to take someone’s pic and throw ungrammatical, ignorant shade directly on it. I did not appreciate it and I don’t subscribe to that way of life. I believe the greatest command after Love the Lord Your God with all your <3, soul and mind, is love one another. To Love is our only mandate.

Don’t hate and don’t shame from your dark place of hate. S T O P!

The post in question

The post in question

I know to each his or her own, but let us be real at the same time, some things just don’t suit everyone. However, on no grounds, is that thing your natural hair!

You cannot tell someone that “natural hair aint for you”, “you don’t look good natural” or “your hair was made for relaxer, it would take straightener so good”. None of these comments nor any variation of them are allowed.

DO NOT SAY THESE things to anyone with natural hair.

If anything is for anyone, it is all that the good Lord, the Creator, the Maker made you with, all your attributes and blessings. Your hair is a blessing. Your natural hair is a God-given blessing.

Please if your remember nothing else, remember that!

Don’t get caught up in the labels of “good hair”, “bad hair”, “slave hair”, “snuffy hair”, or any of that mess.

You don’t need to accept someone else’s hair; it’s not yours. Accept yours. In the case of others, live and let live.

Truthfully, even beyond natural hair, the creamy crack may not be your way but that is no reason to harshly judge someone else either. Choice is a gift everyone possesses. And I know that persons with relaxed hair too have heard, “relaxed aint for you, your hair looks dead; your hair limp; your hair always poofy” etc.

People even hair shame because of length – “short hair aint for you” (Don’t say this, because some people’s cuts are not by choice, so they may already being feeling self-conscious and insecure)

“long hair don’t suit, your face looks long” (For some their hair growth is their biggest achievement, don’t say this either)

What I am saying in essence can be summed up in Thumper quoting his father in the Disney movie ‘Bambi’…

Let us all just grow together! 🙂


There are some amazing people in the natural hair community. Below are some comments I saw as people shot down the hair bully in question.

My post

My post

The responses were just outpouring. #TeamNatural

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