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Great news naturalistas!

Extra Extra Read all about it… A new natural hair magazine will be coming on the scene this 2015 – Kink Nation Natural Hair Magazine!

I am so happy to share the scoop with you.

Kink Nation

Kink Nation

Special Kinks had the privileged opportunity of catching up with the lady behind this idea over the weekend, Madam Charmaine Daisley.

But who is this creative mind from The Land of the Hummingbird?

Charmiane: I am a 49-year-old mother and grandmother. I am an Associate Editor at a daily newspaper, a creative spirit, and a messenger. Now hold on, don’t get scared; I’m not going to prophesy or anything; it’s just that I’ve been blessed with the gift of ideas, intuition, writing, poetry and song, and because of those talents I recognize that I have something to communicate and share. (SK: Can someone say Romans 12:6 ‘Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly: if prophecy, according to the proportion of his faith’? Amen.)

Chatting with naturalista Charmaine Daisley

Chatting with naturalista Charmaine Daisley

SK: What will the magazine entail? 

Charmaine: The objective of the magazine is to share with naturals all across the world, the idea that we are in fact a nationhood of women just by being all similar in one respect – wearing our God-given tresses in its natural state. The roll out will include hair journeys, hair care & styling, beauty, nutrition & diet, spirituality & wellbeing, and a section which will encourage cooperation and support. Apart from the magazine though, there will be other activities that will bring us together. These will develop over time.

SK: How did you decide on the name?

Charmaine: As I stated before, one of the things the magazine will work to achieve is getting naturals across the world to let our common denominator – our natural hair – bring us together for good works. I hope to create a nationhood of naturals living in every corner of the world, and with that strength of sisterhood, work toward effecting positive change in the world. I believe women have a great deal to contribute to the conversations of love, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, dreaming, doing, stretching our achievement boundaries, and so much more.

SK: Now, what motivated you to create this magazine? 

Charmaine: Wow, so many things. I’ll point out two reasons. Firstly, it stems from my gift of recognizing when something needs to be done about a person, thing, or issue, and from me following up on that gut feeling. There are so many wonderful natural haired women doing powerful work of creating natural hair love and increased self-worth in thousands of other natural haired individuals. My motivation, in part, is to bring as many of these individuals together. Secondly (or perhaps this is the most important of the two), I am on a path of greater self-awareness, self-love, acceptance, and growth, and this magazine is definitely a part of my greater Purpose to share with others, the answers that I’ve found and will find.

SK: Do you find there is a need for such literature and photos to be circulated in the Caribbean? 

Charimaine: Oh yes, and Kink Nation Natural Hair Magazine will feature the hair stories and journeys of naturals everywhere. This is a super opportunity to see the joys and challenges of naturals in other countries and continents.

SK: Where are you based and why are you choosing to go beyond your shores? 


The Kink Nation soft launch was held May 9, 2015 at the National Library in Trinidad and Tobago.

Charmaine: I am based in Trinidad (Trinidad & Tobago), the most southerly island of the Caribbean archipelago. The magazine will begin as an online entity and progress to a print version if and when the need arises. This is because in the first stages, print costs will be prohibitive in reaching a global audience – in addition to which, more and more people are online every day.

SK: What are your hopes for the magazine?

Charmaine: I would like for the magazine to be a humble contribution to natural hair women seeing their hair as beautiful simply because it is the hair that God gave them and so, it is the perfect hair for them. I’d also like for it to bring natural hair women together to do great things as a whole entity.

SK: Finally, do you believe that if the natural hair movement of today was in effect years ago with the products, blogs and even magazines showcasing the beauty, natural hair would be more accepted today and encouraged, even more prominent on television? 

Charmaine: There is a great possibility, but we will never know. As much as I’d like to understand all the reasons why black natural hair was not always accepted, leaving the need for a ‘natural hair movement’ to celebrate natural hair, I prefer to look forward to what we can do in the future to harness this consciousness.

Keep up the good work Charmaine!

Keep up the good work Charmaine!

Best wishes Charmaine and keep us posted so we can keep the Special Kink readership informed.