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Shrinkage is one the hair qualities I crush on.

Yup, you read right! I like shrinkage.

So in essence, this post is about my fondness for a sworn nemesis of many in the natural hair world – #Shrinkage! (Go figure lol 🙂 )

Photo by @KeturahAriel (I am a HUGE fan of her work)

Photo by @KeturahAriel (I am a HUGE fan of her work)

I see sooooooooooo many naturalistas complaining about shrinkage, it isn’t real.

Okay, let me re-word that.

*Ehem* … Since beginning my natural hair journey I have been constantly bombarded by a plethora of comments and posts by naturalistas online and in person, lamenting about hair shrinkage.

That’s better! Sometimes I am compelled to use words that say everything in one without the assistance of an adverb like ‘so’ or ‘very’, hence soooooooooo many became plethora and the mundane word complaining became lamenting. Out with the ordinary and in with the extra-ordinary lol.

But that is simply the journalist in me peeking out. *hides face*

Sorry, where was I? (*looks up*…hmmm)

Oh right – shrinkage!

I can remember my natural hair pattern from when I was a kid and in 2007 when I went back natural, and I do not have loads of shrinkage.

3-strand twists

My 3-strand twists

To some this may sound like heaven, but I am a fan of seeing people pull a strand and watching it double, sometimes triple in length or even more. I like to see the hair recoil and spring back. I like to see the results of hair threading or flatironing – the versatility and amazing difference in lengths.

But alas, I am not one such naturalista. My twists are springy but there length is basically their full-length, no pulling and staring in wonder and awe as the strands stretch.

And then when people who are blessed with shrinkage, the same ones who say “they suffer shrinkage,” when they put their hair in a puff or an afro, the wind is no foe, and gravity no challenge. Hair that shrinks drastically defies gravity and asks ‘What is wind blown?!’

People who have that hair type (usual 4b and 4c), that texture which shrinks significantly, truly in my eyes have that wow-factor secret weapon. It’s like when Halle Berry becomes Storm on X-Men. 🙂

Another @KeyurahAriel work  (http://keturahariel.com/)

Another @KeturahAriel work (http://keturahariel.com/)

But that’s just my opinion!

~signed Naturalista with a bigger curl observation, not problem ’cause every hair type has its pluses. J