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As some naturalistas work on being healthy inside and outside, I know many ask how to manage their hair while working out.

I haven’t gotten that question answered specifically yet, but I asked a cyclist with locs how she manages to ensure her safety and wear a helmet still with this hairstyle? So if riding or cycling is your way of getting in shape or if your kids have locs and play ride their bikes, read on…

Best wishes as you cycle on.

Best wishes as you cycle on.

Deidre Mayers who has been featured on SpecialKinks before https://specialkinks.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/deidres-hsw/ , has been natural from 2000, and had locs from 2007 was glad to share her tips.

Deidre: In the earlier stages of locks it was easy to style my locks and put on a helmet, as they grew longer styling them became more difficult so I just mostly put it in one once I have to ride. 

I’m a National Cyclist, I have represented Barbados in Trinidad, Columbia, Argentina and Greece. I’ve been National Champion on the track on numerous occasions and have been also been awarded for my achievements in cycling by my work place (The National Insurance Scheme [NIS] in Barbados). 

SK: So locs and thick hair for that matter, are not reasons to compromise your safety and by extension, your health and life obviously. Wear your helmets!