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What’s a naturalistas favourite letter? 

No idea?


Why T you ask?

T-shirt duh! Lol

Yes that intro was a bit corny but whatever. You’kk get accustom to my quirky, witty, sarcastic, kind self sooner rather than later lol. Andddd on this occasion, the point is… you get the point. This week’s kinky tool is a T-shirt.

My Trust-Tee lol

My Trust-Tee lol

Yes, I have recently joined this bandwagon. I was converted on the first try. People talk about using a cotton Tee to avoid snapping and breaking strands, as well as to prevent the towel from stealing all the moisture your conditioners just fought so hard to put in your tresses and scalp.

But, what made me a believer was the fact that I was wearing box braids when I gave the Tee a try two weekends ago.

I am a mere 5’4” tall on a good day and my box braids are tall down meh back as the Jamaicans say. Plus, I in no way like going to bed with wet hair, so when I washed my hair around 3pm, I knew I was playing with fire if I meant to avoid the hand held hair dryer. So when around 7pm or 8pm I unwrapped my T-shirt which I had wrapped turban style on my head, and found almost completely dried braids and roots, I screamed…honest to God!

#Turban style

#Turban style

I was so excited with this result.

Now how did I know that my T-shirt is not stingy or greedy hoarding all my hair’s moisture? Well my hair was still shiny in the braids and the roots soft to the touch. No crisp. No crackle.

My –shirt may ‘Unite against AIDS’, but the bigger message in this post is ‘Unite with your Tee against Moisture Loss’. Lol j/k My shirt’s message is MAJOR of course, please know that!

So, now that I have shared my experience, have you ever tried using a T-shirt to dry your freshly washed hair or braids?