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Be a Zendaya, if you're rocking #fauxlocs

Be a Zendaya, if you’re rocking #fauxlocs

Now I recently saw an article with a title that told me, I am not alone on this topic. I refused to read the article because I did not want the writer’s opinion to taint mine in any way, consciously or unconsciously. That said, I am a little uncertain of where I stand on this faux locs and crotchet braids trend.

Or maybe not so much on the trend… I think I just want more from those who are rocking these styles. That’s it!

Zendaya on the red carpet

Zendaya on the red carpet

Both faux locs and crotchet braids are amazing to look at once done well. Additionally, when I was relaxed and younger, I even rocked faux locs, before it was “THE TREND”.

But the thing is, these styles allow people who do not have natural hair to get the looks without the drama in most cases.

Let me explain.

Aside from Zendaya at the Oscars 2015 being judged for her faux locs, most people rock the locs and never once get accosted or receive negative comments about their hairstyle. Why is that? Simply put, people view the faux locs and crotchet braids as just that – a hairstyle. It is for a time. It is temporary. It is not permanent.

So why is it that those who have chosen these styles for life, cannot get their hairstyles viewed as JUST HAIRSTYLES too?!

Why is that still in 2015, to go natural is brave and daring? Why is natural hair viewed as so much more than just a style option? Why is the woman with the natural hair frowned upon but the lady with the crotchet braids done with Marley braid to give a natural look, complimented on how different she looks and how gorgeous it is? Why?!

Why are some employers not taking employees to task for crotchet braids yet still opposed to natural hair employees?

Thank you Zendaya

Thank you Zendaya

But that is me attacking this issue from a played out angle. I cannot control those hellbent on hating natural and dreads. What I can instead do however, is call out those who are rocking these styles.

We need more Zendayas!

I find a percentage of the “issue” lies with you the wearers of these styles. YES YOU! I don’t care if you roll your eyes, like “she very wrong to accuse me!”

When I wore faux locs, I did not eat pork. That may sound strange but I thought it disrespectful of Rastafarians to rock their style and not hold to some of their beliefs, because like it or not, in the restaurant no one was seeing a girl with relaxed hair pretending to have locs for four weeks. They saw a ‘rasta’ girl and my actions would reflect on that whole movement no matter how small.

That may seem odd to people but honestly, think about it.

When people asked me about my locs and why would I choose to loc, I didn’t quickly excuse myself and say this is braids, I aint no rasta. I said, yes I would wear dreads because they are convenient. It is only weeks later when they saw me, they said “Waaaaaait!” And I said, “yeah, it was a braid.”

Her faux locs in no way subtracted from her elegance

Her faux locs in no way subtracted from her elegance

Despite the stares and the comments, and the questions that family members got about my choice to loc knowing how people view locs in the business world, for those 4-5 weeks, I HAD LOCS!

So to all you faux locs and crotchet braid wearers, man up or woman up. If people call your hair unprofessional, don’t be fast to say “It’s just braids”. Stand up for us who are truly loc-ed or natural. Say, “No, my hair isn’t unprofessional! My productivity is still high. Clients are complimenting me and asking who did my hair. This look does not change my level of professionalism.”

It may seem like I am asking a lot of you, but if you are going to rock the looks, take the drama in stride too and use your experience to leave the locs and natural hair movements a little stronger. Don’t undermine us!

That is how I feel. So I guess I am not really on the fence on this issue. I just want the two-sidedness, the hypocrisy, the stereotyping and the discrimination to end.

And she rocked her faux locs proudly, happily and even defended them to the end. Gracias Zendaya!

And she rocked her faux locs proudly, happily and even defended them to the end. Gracias Zendaya!

That said, rock the styles you like. It’s your hair, it’s your choice; but just as Aretha Franklin sang, show a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

P.S. Before people get quick to tell me about naturals rocking straight weaves, in no way do these individuals go about trying to act like if “who me? I would never straighten my hair.” Because the fact is most naturalistas like the option of flatironing or stretching their hair too. So return the favour. Don’t wear faux locs and crotchet braids and act like if to have the real deal would be beneath you.