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Pass the compliment, hold the snide comment.


I need to get this off my chest and I will try to keep it short, like a TWA!

We have to stop with this hair judgement, this holding one texture above another. We have to stop!

Sure you have seen this!

Sure you have seen this!

I see people complaining that their hair is 4x, 4y or 4z, because it is so beyond 4c and they cannot cope with it. It is too this. It is too that. And what annoys me most, is it is never too good. Just stop! hair-type-3-texture-hair

1a is not better than 2b. 2c is not better than 3a. 3b is not better than 4a.

Hair texture is hair texture and whichever you have, it is yours, just embrace yours, embrace your blessing.

I hear people talking about I followed the steps and used all the products shown on YouTube but my hair doesn’t look like hers, so I am done. *brushes hair into a ponytail*

That is not how it is supposed to be.

hair-type-1-texture-hair1Stop aspiring to get other people’s textures and by extension their hair. Either look for YouTubers who have a similar hair texture as yours or simply accept that your hair will vary regardless of the same steps and process taken.

Your hair type is not a fail and you are not doomed or cursed with a particular hair type, you have been blessed.

See it that way and you will see the benefits of your hair. Hold the judgements, self and otherwise. Find the reasons to be grateful for your type of hair.

hair-type-4-textureEmbrace yours! God made no mistake when He gave you your hair type.

That’s all. Sorry about the brief rant.

Ciao 🙂