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It’s not every day you come across a super model with curls. Well in my books, she is a super model and a sweetheart with a crazy, witty side and a great sense of humour.

Who is she? She is a model at MGM ModelsWilhelmina Models Miami and Boom Models Agency. But read on and see who she is exactly.

Curls free Syanne (Photo credits Greg Funnell)

Curls free Syanne (Photo credits Greg Funnell)

State your name and country of birth: Syanne Patterson, UK

  • Age : 24
  • Special Kinks: How long have you been natural or transitioning?
  • Syanne: I’ve always been natural. Only do a quarterly keratin treatment to help strengthen hair and minimize frizz.

That’s right! She has been forever natural. These interviewees are like pearls being found in clams. 🙂

  • SK: What is your hair regimen?
  • Syanne: I wash twice weekly with a paraben free/ sulfate natural shampoo, conditioning every other day. To style, I use either coconut oil, argan oil or a serum to tame any frizz.
  • SK: Name your favourite products:
  • Syanne: I’m a big fan of Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics hair line, particularly their Ultra-Sleek range. Also, I love Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious styling products.
  • SK: How easy or difficult is it sourcing products that you love to use on your hair where you live or reside?
  • Syanne: Fairly easy, thank you Amazon! (Aint that the truth! Everything is a click away.)
  • SK: Favourite style?
  • Syanne: Second day curls, they begin to loosen up a little and look rather beachy.
  • SK: Tell me about a great hair day or a bad hair day in short, or about a liked or frustrating feature about your hair.
  • Syanne: Great hair day – when it has just the right amount of volume without looking either deflated or electrified. It’s frustrating not knowing when these days come around, this hair can be a little unpredictable. (SK: You are preaching to the choir! Amen!)
  • SK: Do you have any hair crushes?
  • Syanne: Shakira
  • SK: What would you say to employers and teachers out there who think that natural hair is not for the office or the classroom, respectively?
  • Syanne: I believe as long as a one maintains level of professional, clean and respectfully suitable deportment for the office, it should not matter the type of hair one has. Personally, I think it’s a rather dated perception. (SK: I agree.)
  • SK: Describe your hair in one word, and why?
  • Syanne: Mane, “roar” (SK: Did you really just ‘Roar!’ Syanne? See what I told you about her wit and sense of humour?! lol)
  • SK: Name something outrageous or edgy or just different you would love to try with your hair but have not had the guts to try YET!
  • Syanne: I used to keep it very short when I was young, I’d love to do that again but even shorter, thinking pixie cut.

Natural Curls and the Modelling Industry

Curls on the go (Photo credits Greg Funnell)

Curls on the go (Photo credits Greg Funnell)

  • SK: Has your hair ever won you a job or made you lose any in the modelling industry?

  • Syanne: Not sure whether I lost any jobs, casting directors are usually specific and brief the agencies as to which types of girls to send to a casting. So its seldom a concern, we aren’t given any feedback really unless we are booked. I have definitely been booked for my hair, especially before and after shoots for stylists and straighteners like GHD and V05.
  • SK: Do you get many request for straight styles?
  •  Syanne: Depending on the client and the job I am asked to have my hair straight, sometimes both if we’re shooting more than one look. It’s pretty much a flexible accessory in this industry.
  • SK: When your hair is straight for a shoot how is it maintained despite humidity and ac?
  • Syanne: It holds up pretty well here in the UK I can keep it straight for a few days without going over it. It takes a little more care in warmer climates.

You can read more about Syanne here… http://thebajeemcee.blogspot.com/2012/04/syanne-patterson-what-its-really-like.html  (I did this interview too 🙂