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I had heard about this kinky tool before but never was I drawn to search one out.

However, on Thursday as I stood in the Beauty Supply Store feeling like a kid in Candy Land in a world where Diabetes does not exist, I said to the kind helper, “Do you carry shower hair brushes?” For a second she paused then said, “I think we have some.”

no thanks

no thanks

Happy as a lark while I strolled down the deep conditioner section of the aisle, in search of a good protein treatment, she reappeared with this brush that was a no-no. The bristles were short, hard and had seams and edges to snag my strands and pop them. Even though it was the last one and only cost $3, hence why they flew off the shelf, I knew that brush was not going to my home. (However, if you use this kind, tell me how you find it and why you use it, because even Denman manufactures this type, and I like that brand of brushes. Thanks!)

Looking at my face, and hearing me say, “Oh well, don’t worry”, another helper said “Wait! There is one that looks like a massage tool that is bigger!” I said “I think that may be just what I am looking for. Larger ‘bristles’, massage like, with a comfortable handle.” And my original helper reappeared, and I heard the Hallelujah chorus erupt. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! But, um, how much is this one?” …”It’s $5”. Well I contained my joy, barely stopped myself from jumping up and down, and said, “Well of course I’ll take it. Thank you both sooooo much!”


So now that I have explained in my long-winded way how I came to be the owner of a shower brush, let me review it. Ehem, sorry, I mean let me review my Shampoo Scalp Shower Body Washing Hair Massage Brush Comb, if you want to get technical. lol Oh and mine is by Magic.

I like it a lot. (Previously I would say I love it, but a pastor recently said that humans are watering down that word ‘love’, when we really mean, we like something. He said, “You love ice-cream? No you don’t! You like ice-cream. You love God? Yessss you loooove God!” #BigDifference)

Now why do I like it a lot?

Take in mind I was throwing this brush in the deep end. What do I mean? I had just removed my box braids after six weeks. So this brush was really being put to the test.

It did not fail.

DSC_5775Comfortable to hold, without slipping. Well shaped to my hand. Once the conditioner was applied to my strands and it coated them, the brush made light work of most of the mattedness, tangles and knots. I only had to finger detangle on few occasions, and that was in order to help me keep my now fragile relaxed ends.

(Truthfully, it had some help, I had prepooed over night with conditioner mixed with castor oil. So there was not a lot of mattedness for the brush even to work through, but I digress.)

Why I would recommend it?

My nails tend to chip or split close to wash day, so this tool prevents me from snagging and popping strands as I finger detangle.

The ‘bristles’ are big and hard and they massaged my scalp.

The ‘bristles’ are wide apart, so it was similar to using a wide tooth comb.



Requires more patience if you are transitioning because the line of demarcation still is a weak spot, no matter how much conditioner is used or how wide apart the ‘bristles’ are from each other. (But it must be awesome to use this brush when fully natural)



I’d buy another one, and at $5, I’d even buy one for a friend lol 🙂