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I live in a country where price tags have a knack for helping one spend less. The cure for potential product junky-ism in Barbados is a price tag. *cue Drake’s #BelieveMe #BelieveMe* lol


However, recently after not visiting the beauty supply store for more than two months as I had in a protective style, I was excited to be back and wowed by all the new additions that I had no clue were being stocked.

DSC_5629Imagine me doing a double-take in the middle of the aisle when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of sky blue and said to the helper “Y’all carry Lotta Body products now?” She said yes, and I swung around to my left and sure as rain, there it was under the glowing spot light… Lotta Body Moisturise Me, Curl and Style Milk.

I grabbed it and tucked it under my arm, then said to the helper “This is not why I am here but I could not pass this up. I darn nearly thought I would have to go nextdoor to Trinidad to get some of this product.” The look on her face said “You aint serious! It’s that serious?” And I said, “It is that serious!” I answered her unasked question. Lol

Ohhhhh and it came with a sample of the Lotta Body Control Me, Edge Gel.

Then I picked up some perm rods, which I have wanted to try for a while now because though I too like doing flexirod sets, I want some more variety. I bought the 3/4″ Jumbo Tangerine Cold Wave Rods – Traditional style with rubber band by Brittny Professionals.


DSC_5632I enquired about a shower hair brush, and well you all already know that I bought that brush, used it and even reviewed it. It is Magic! Lol

DSC_5631I also bought the product that I actually needed, a new deep conditioner. I usually switch between a moisturising DC by Cantu and a protein treatment by Organics, so this go, I tried the Crème of Nature Moisturising Milk Masque.

And of course, I left home in the rain for a reason. It was not to go buy a set of products. It was actually to get one hair tool – hair shears. I bought a 7″ trimming and cuts professional LQQKS shears. I really needed a scissors to cut my braids, to unbraid them because the regular scissors miraculously disappeared, and I guess it was a sign, because I was to buy a hair scissors for a while now to trim my ends. When I say a while I mean since I decided I was transitioning…which equates to since December #dontjudgeme lol. Hence two birds, one stone, or should I say one shears?! DSC_5633

All in all, I was proud of my buys, excited to try the unplanned purchases and happy that I didn’t let the rain stop me from going to the hair store for MYSELF.

Oh and the total wasn’t bad – BDS$50 or US$25. Exactly!

By the way I know that by other people’s standards this was a mini product haul but since I usually shop one or two items at a time, I considered this my first natural hair product haul. #Leaveme lol 🙂


-swinging my bag and merrily on my way home!