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Hey readers,

Trinidad had a spectacular event last month, hosted by Six Degrees of Napp and we’ll try to get you a review of it, but today the spotlight is on the naturalistas in the 246, #Barbados.

We caught up with Event Organiser Alison and got the scoop on today’s Curls Nite Out event.

(Photograph compliments A3KD Photography)

(Photograph compliments A3KD Photography)

SpecialKinks (SK): Having postponed the Curls and Cocktail 2015 event, what spurred you to create Curls Nite Out summer edition?

Alison: Well after the production of the Barbados Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show, my family went through an extremely difficult time. I tried valiantly to produce Curls & Cocktails, our formal natural hair event. But that did not materialize. I was lamenting to my husband that I felt awful, and then I declared that I just could not leave my ladies without a Summer event!!

So I was tossing around a few ideas in my mind, and I thought, I will just make it a girls night out, and I thought; Curls Nite Out!

SK: What are you hoping that patrons will take away on Sunday night?

Alison: I want patrons to just have a blast!!☺

I want them to walk away with a renewed passion for their natural hair journey. But also so much more.

I want them to feel empowered to take control of their Finances, their Health, their appearance, and enjoy the special sisterhood that comes from talking to a fellow Curlfriend.

SK: Describe what people can expect on the night in three words?

(Photograph compliments A3KD Photography)

(Photograph compliments A3KD Photography)

Alison: Shopping, Socialising, and Fabulosity!!!!!

SK: What is the dress code that is in effect?

Alison: Dressy Casual!!

Dress to impress, but high heels not required 👗

SK: Do you believe that the Natural Hair Movement in Barbados needs more events such as this

Alison: Oh yes!!😆

When you talk to someone who isn’t natural about being a natural here in Barbados, you immediately feel the disconnect.

Like I say to persons, the hardest part of this journey is the feeling of “It’s you against the World” literally!

My biggest motivation in doing this event is so that naturalistas can SEE that they’re not alone, or crazy. Lol 😂

SK: How are ticket sales so far?

Alison: As with everything in life it could always be better, but understanding that this is a new event, as well as the Crop Over season, I’m TRULY thankful for the support from friends, family and strangers. (SK: so still try a thing if you are ticketless)

SK: What are some of the highlights people can look forward to beyond what the flyer hinted at?

Alison: For me one of the biggest highlights is really the Pop Up Boutiques that will be there. Most of them don’t have a storefront, and are producing some Excellence!

Beyond that, I’m hoping we give you ladies such a wonderful environment to just be your beautiful selves.

SK: Do you believe that events such as this will help boost the confidence and self esteem of local naturals?

Alison: I definitely believe so! It’s at the core of why we are doing this.

Trinidad, St. Vincent and Jamaica have produced natural hair events. The opportunity for those persons to come together definitely forges relationships that will affect the confidence and self esteem.

SK: And up next is Grenada!!!! Spice isle naturalistas are you ready?😃