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Hey Readers,

We’re back in the loc world with this week’s naturalista, or…are we?!

Where are the locs? lol

Where are the locs? lol

Meet 29-year old Rosalie Mayers from Barbados

SpecialKinks (SK): How long have you been natural?

Rosalie (R): Natural for about 8 years

SK: Why did you go natural?

R: I decided to go natural after the other type of hairstyles were not working out for me.

SK: Why big chop (BC)?

R: I did the big chop in 2007 when I decided to locs my hair and again in 2014 after I unpicked my locs after they became to heavy and the breakage from now having to comb my hair afters 6 years became too much. (SK: Ha! Told we were in the locs world, just they unravelled :P)

SK: Was it easy in the beginning after the BC?

BC and growth

BC and growth

R: It was pretty easy during both chops until I got to the stages where my hair had grown but wasn’t long enough for some hairstyles then that became too much and I had to find a way to deal with my stage of hair growth.

SK: Well talk to us about how you take care of your tresses?

R: My hair regime includes a wash every two weeks even if I have protective styling such as braids with clarifying shampoo by Suave and constant oiling with certain essentials oils to help with my dry scalp and any residual effects from the locs.

SK: Any products you and your hair like?

R: Right now several products from the Cantu line but especially their Leave in Conditioner with Shea Butter, essential oils such as rosemary, vitamin E and olive oil as well as the black Jamaican Castor Oil.

SK: Any problems finding these products you have grown to like?

R: It’s not difficult at all if it’s not in one hairstore it’s bound to be in another just with a varying price.

SK: Products? Check. Oh yeah, any favourite styles?

Versatility  #naturalhair

Versatility #naturalhair

R: Singles/Twist because you can do so much with that style to create other styles.

SK: What characteristics of your hair do you like and which would you return if you had a receipt?

R: My favourite and least favourite feature of my hair is its thickness. For me the thickness makes for a great afro but after being open for so long then it becomes so hard to comb that you have to have special ¨heavy duty¨ combs lol to deal with that type of thickness.

Protective styles

Protective styles

SK: Any hair crushes?

R: Tia Mowry, Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange, Janelle Monae

SK: Tell the employers and schools who disprove of natural hair where you stand on this issue?

R: I think they need to embrace it, because it does not stop the person from doing their job be at it work or at school. Plus you hair is a form of self expression and everyone should be allowed to express themselves once it is done in an appropriate manner.

SK: Describe your hair in one word.

R: Halo, ’cause I always think of myself as an African Princess lol. (SK: Nice!)

SK: Is there anything you still want to do with your hair?

R: Shaving the sides definitely! Every time I think of doing it I’m like ¨nah it gine take too long to grow back, lol¨ 🙂

Thank you Rosalie for shairing with us. Happy growing!