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Hey Readers,

Let me remind you, I live on an island – Barbados, the Gem of the Caribbean and despite the days when I think the cost of living is getting too high, I keep in the forefront of my mind always that my grandmother and grandfather and ancestors helped build this country, this place with its serenity, with its picturesque views, with its quiet beauty and rich heritage.

Oldest Parliament on the Commonwealth

Oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth

In my homeland, many of us use the hashtag #Ilivewhereyouvacation. Some people may think it is untrue, so I decided to show the natural beauty of my country.

I know usually my posts are all hair related and this one is the same.

DSC_4213Stress is a factor that contributes to stunted hair growth, hair loss and hair damage on the whole. So whenever I am stressed, I try to look to the sky and see the beauty that is all around me.

I look at my island, breathe in the clean crisp air and exhale the stress. Some days it takes more breaths than others, but I keep remembering #Ilivewhereyouvacation.

Stuck in traffic?...Look out at the coast

Stuck in traffic?…Look out at the coast

DSC_4212I never open the window and see smog, or have to wear a mask to prevent myself from the air pollution. I don’t have to watch the waters surrounding my island and keep far, they are not polluted in any way. I don’t have to run indoors when it’s raining. The rain is not acidic. The grass still grows green and lush, outside of the dry season. The earth is not dusty and ravaged by bombs. The farm animals are fat and their coats shine. They are not malnourished and on their last leg. The wind blows, the humidity may wreak havoc on wash n’ goes but it’s never still here for long. The breeze comes.The sunset is amazing daily, painting the sky in oranges, reds, even purples. The night sky is filled with stars and consolations.


I look around my island and I take solace and feel joy because God took the time to make Barbados. He took care to make this place that helps me destress, when I actually get stressed.

I ❤ Barbados. It is my home.

So the next time you wonder if you should visit Barbados, remember that stress does not stand a chance here, so come! The sun, sand, sea, architecture, oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth, the UNESCO inscribed world heritage site of Bridgetown and its Garrison, craft, food, festivals, music, fashion and so much more awaits you. DSC_4307

To those Barbadians who forget that this is ours and we should protect it, look around again with fresh eyes and realise that we do indeed live in PARADISE – Barbados – The Gem of the Caribbean – The 246! #Welivewheretheywanttovacation