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Well many persons asked me how one Dominican beauty once featured did her updo, so I asked her. (I’m always try to help my readership, yay me! lol)

Firstly, let me let Jodie reintroduce herself to you.
Updo on point!

Updo on point!

Jodie: I am a creative, artsy, fun, God-fearing person, always willing to lend a hand whenever I can, always speaking my mind when I need to and not afraid to try out new stuff, which is usually against the popular trend.
My mind is always working overtime and I am always  concocting up new ideas  for some  Do-it-Yourself project, art, fashion or hairstyles that I want to try out. I have become somewhat the natural hair guru of Dominica and I think I have encouraged  a lot of my friends and acquaintances to return natural and inspired and advised many  along their natural hair journey. (SK: salute*)
Special Kinks: Now on to the hairstyle.
Jodie: I get stopped daily by women who want to know how I create such intricate hairdos. The truth: Every time I try to recreate a hairstyle that I like, it never is the same as the previous. My technique is to section out random pieces of hair and roll, tuck and pin in a haphazard fashion.  That’s it! There is no method at all to my madness.


SK: Also, here’s a treat…you can keep in contact and keep update with Jodie, her DIY projects and even products online too:
Instagram: @josweet25
Facebook Group: I have created a group for naturalistas in Dominica : Nature Isle Girls with Natural Hair
Bridal Accessories Line on Facebook: Jaydees Bridal Accessories
Engineering page on Facebook: Jaydee’s Engineering Services
My natural hair products page on FacebookJaydee s Naturals