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Dear readers,

I promised you all that we would find out more about Naturalista Rochelle’s brainchild – Don’t break the Comb!

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If you do not know about the site, I am sure just the name and the logo will pique your interest, cause many naturals can relate or have “horror” memories from childhood when our hair was tugged, pulled and broke many combs on Sunday night in preparation for school on Monday. (or again, was that just me?! lol)

Teeth missing? Check!

Teeth missing? Check!

SpecialKinks (SK): What motivated you to create Don’t break the comb?

Rochelle: Don’t Break the Comb was born out of a natural hair connection I made with someone else, and in that moment, also realizing that the knowledge can benefit others.

SK: Where did the name come from?

Poetic Rochelle - This teacher is full of talent

Poetic Rochelle – This teacher is full of talent

Rochelle: The name sprang from my mouth during a meeting. I had been thinking of a name that did not include hair and yet pointed completely to it. When you think of it, the name is an childhood experience most kinky hair women can relate to, in that combs were broken in their hair. I like the ‘Don’t’ part. I like message of not having to break anymore. (SK: I love that we need not break more combs, or brushes while we’re mentioning it lol)

SK: What kind of response on the website ‘Don’t Break the Comb‘ have you been getting from Day-One?

Rochelle: The response was pretty good, but best on the facebook page – Don’t Break the comb FB

SK: What is the natural hair community like in your country – SXM/ St. Martin in the Caribbean?

Rochelle: The community is growing. It is nice to see a mass following in the natural hair movement.

Rochelle even shared pictures from some natural hair events ‘Don’t break the Comb’ attended and even hosted.

P.S. If you missed Rochelle’s hairstory – Hair it is ‘Rochelle’s #HSW

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