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Dear Readers,

Since I started blogging and made the decision to update on Thursdays, I haven’t missed one, until last week…sigh

However, let me explain, as a journalist life is busy, but from June to August in Barbados, life gets a different kind of hectic on the island lol. This is Crop Over season now. It’s crazy hectic but it can also be lots of fun for me.

Ready for work and fun!

Ready for work and fun!

What is Crop Over? It is the festival of celebration to mark the end of the sugar can harvest. It came from our African ancestors who were slaves and celebrated the end of the back breaking labour associated with the sugar plantations and cane harvesting for the exportation of sugar to Europe.

Crowd shot at Soca Royale compliments one of my becoming awesome friends :)

Crowd shot at Soca Royale compliments one of my becoming awesome friends 🙂

Our Sweetest Summer Festival culminates with Grand Kadooment. It is our Carnival.

And as the island – locals and visitors alike gear up for the big culmination on the first Monday in August, us journalists are busy, busy, busy, running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Because, let’s remember that the Festival is not our sole focus, regular news still happens and pops up along with every other presentation, briefing and conference vying for our coverage, attention and time.

So there you have it, why I missed last week. Oh and toss in that costumes had to collected, my friend’s sister has a band and we have been helping out with registration and things had to be bought plus my puppy needs us-time and walks and I NEED SLEEP!

I shall try to make it up this week with a great update. But in case that fails, let me show some of Barbados’ 2015 Crop Over Festival to date!

Pics from Sundays’ Soca Royale… oh and yea, I’m rocking crotchet braids for the Festival! 🙂

DSC_6446  DSC_6433