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(8)So, I tried it, I gave it a whirl and now I am a crotchet braid girl! (8)

(If you ever watched Sesame Street and was lucky enough to see the Cereal Girl song, then you would know the tune to that intro line. Try singing it this time, I’ll wait! Lol)

Gorgeous if I do say so myself, or if I believe all the compliments... Ican't wait till it's all mine...no receipt lol :)

Gorgeous if I do say so myself, or if I believe all the compliments… Ican’t wait till it’s all mine…no receipt lol 🙂

Now let’s get down to business.

I saw the crotchet braid style and was intrigued. Also, my hair was due for a protective style and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put in Senegalese twists or do box braids again so soon, so I made a call and Khadija Trotman said Sunday would work, and that was that!

The decision was made and I ventured to the new hair salon in Six Roads (Bless that store owner for having such foresight!) to try to find the hair.

I was there and I was calling the hairdresser to no avail, so I pulled out my trustee cellphone and googled best braid types and brands of hair for crotchet braids. I found the Janet Collection coming out on top and being most popular, so I aint have to tell y’all…I saw it, bought it and that was that too!

Janet Collection - Marley Braid

Janet Collection – Marley Braid

Then Sunday was the D-Day. (By Sunday, I mean next day. So I washed my hair Thursday, called Friday, bought hair Saturday, went to church and work Sunday morning and Sunday evening I was at Khadija’s.)

The Braiding Session

Braid patter - back

Braid patter – back

First was the braiding pattern. I forgot to say that I would like to put my hair in two sometimes but at least I said that I want a center part and hence she braided so that I had a part down the middle at the front and I could put my hair in two, but top and bottom. The half-way part was from ear to ear.

Vixen - front

Vixen – front

She didn’t braid tightly. I didn’t feel like my brain was being lifted and my scalp abused as my hair was pulled and ripped up by the root. It was painless. Then she used weaving thread and secured the braids. (This was crucial and expected by me because I had read enough crotchet braid reviews to learn that skipping this step means that in weeks to come the hair would be looser and in some places lifting.)

Crotchet Time

She used the crotchet needle with the hook and clasp and I took my own. (At $3, that was easy. I also took my comb and my Denman brush. Don’t judge me. I just like to prepare and I like using my own stuff.)

Underloop crotcheting

Underloop crotcheting

In essence, I got the underloop method and some vixen method combined.

She cut the packs of hair into half. Then stripped the hair into smaller segments to crotchet.

She started at the back, at the base of my skull and worked her way forward, row by row . Then she did the front and unbraided the sections for the leave out and for my parts.

She mixed the darker hair with some lighter pieces as I requested to give the appearance of highlights or streaks.




Afterwards she used my Denman brush to brush out the hair. To make the process of detangling any ‘tangles’ she spritzed it with a leave-in conditioner and water mix, applied a little shea butter and then brushed from the ends to the roots.

Braiding the Marley braid

Braiding the Marley braid

She sectioned hair and braided it before placing perm rods at the ends and then she dipped them in hot water to help the curls form and stay longer.

Plaited Marley braids with ends curled

Plaited Marley braids with ends curled

Next day, I unbraided them. (Since the perm rods were only in for a short while, before I left her home, the first day’s style was not ‘The Bomb’ but when I replicated the process at home and left the rods in overnight…OMG! That’s when I first fell for these crotchet braids and now depending on the state of my hair when I take these out, you will find out if I am pro-crotchet braids all the way, completely lol.

Day 1                                       VERSUS                                  Do-over Day 3

First day and it got BIGGER! #Mane

First day and it got BIGGER! #Mane

Do-over... WOW :)

Do-over… WOW 🙂