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The Gem of the Caribbean is the home of this week’s naturalista. Let’s talk hair with her as calm returns to that island after the hype and pace of Crop Over 2015.

TWA with personality

TWA with personality

Let’s get to know a little bit about her.

My name is Ama Holder and I’m from the beautiful island of Barbados .I’m 24 years old. I have been natural for 2 years.

I am an introvert. I express myself through my hair and makeup and I am a chill individual ☺

So let’s hear about her hair…
Special Kinks (SK): Why did you decide to go back natural?

Ama: I personally got tired of relaxing my hair and just wanted a change.

SK: Did you big chop or transition? That is the question. lol

FB_IMG_1431039352352Ama: I started transitioning for six months then one day I got so frustrated, I went to the barber and told him I wanted a fade. 😊 (SK: Talk about letting go of your relaxed ends, she even sent some natural roots packing.)

SK: How did you find the transition or change in the beginning stages — easy or difficult?
Ama: Well at the beginning it was a little difficult but then I started watching YouTube videos and started experimenting with styles, so it became a lot easier.

SK: What kind of routine have you developed to manage your tresses?
Ama: After washing and conditioning, I seal my hair with oils. My hair loves coconut and argan oil. From there I use a styling cream/ gel to do my twist outs.

SK: Do you have any favourite products?
Ama: When I first big chopped, VO5 silky experience shampoo and conditioner line was the first thing I used and my hair loves it! It gives me good slip and makes detangling a breeze. My favorite gel is Eco styler gel in olive oil and argan oil. I also love Cantu leave in conditioner and their coconut curling cream is the bomb. Another favorite of mine is Aunt Jackies curling custard. (SK: We wont say product junkie, because she seems to have locked herself into these products with her raving, no “at the moment” comments lol)

SK: Do you find products are easy to source in Barbados?
Ama: It’s pretty easy to source these products because they are pretty basic.

SK: What’s your favourite style to rock presently?

Rock out wit her fro out

Rock out wit her fro out

Ama: My favorite style would have to be the twist out and a fro out. I love big hair so the bigger the better 😀 (SK: Say it with me… BIG hair #Don’tCare!)

SK: Any frustrating features about your natural kinks?

Ama: One thing that frustrates me about my hair is the shrinkage. It shrinks like crazy and that annoys me. (SK: Whooosah, with the weather that is not a feature that is going to change anytime soon so embrace your shrinkage chica, plus it’s a sign of the health of your hair!)

SK: Do you by chance have any hair crushes?
Ama: My hair crush would have to be Solange. She is so fearless when it comes to her hair and her style in general and I love that about her.

SK: What would you say to those people who are still labelling natural hair as “unprofessional”?
Ama: There are a lot of powerful people who have natural hair. How you present yourself in the work place or at school should be what is important.


SK: Here’s a challenge for you. Describe your hair in one word.
Ama: My hair in one word would be Unique. It’s not like everyone else’s and it’s not for everyone 😉

SK: Got any goals or aspirations or wild crazy experimental ideas for your hair?
Ama: I really want a BIGGG fro in a gorgeous purple colour!


#fauxlocs #protectivestyle

#fauxlocs #protectivestyle

SK: What do you say to females who fear a short hairstyle because of their significant other’s perception?

Ama: I think your significant other should love you for yourself and personality. So having short hair shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, short hair is sexy! Lol.
ADVICE from Ama
SK: On the hair front what would you say to anyone considering embarking on the natural hair journey?
Ama: To anyone wanting to go natural I would say just do it! It’s hair, it’ll grow back.  Be bold! Be fearless!

SK: Does natural hair add or subtract from a person, in your opinion?

Ama: Natural hair defintely adds something to your attire. Especially if it’s a formal function. A fro plus a gorgeous dress and beatt makeup will definitely make you the center of attention. That’s what should separate us – Our style not our hair ☺

SK: And as one who loves makeup and is a fashionista in her own right, what advice would you give in these areas if you could share some wisdom?

Ama: Every lady should own a gorgeous red lipstick, and a classic yet edgy colour that goes with every skin tone.
A white tee – I love classic simple pieces that go with everything and this is one of them.

#Double the beauty

#Double the beauty

Keep growing and thanks for shairing Ama!