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My hair has been on vacation since July 5th, but officially, on Monday, all of me especially my brain, goes on VACATION! Halle-lu-yerrrrrr (Madea voice*)

I am going on vacation. Let me spell it out for you, V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

Here comes  the plane...

Here comes the plane…

When in school, vacation was a right. It was not seen as a privilege. It was not considered a blessing to be enjoyed. Vacation was just that thing that belonged to us and we were entitled to it.

Grow up, fast forward, enter the world of work.

Vacation – “there is nothing sweeter than this!” Barbadian singer, songwriter Rupee must have been thinking about a work vacation when he sang that lyric.

It's getting closer...

It’s getting closer…

Three weeks are allocated for each employee by law in Barbados and when you work at an establishment for five years, you get rewarded with an extra week. Talk about feeling like the Israelites when manna came down from Heaven.

Vacation as an employed adult, tastes like water in the desert; it is food to a starving person; a gorgeous girl for a thirsty guy; a light in the dark. You get the drift. Vacation for us adults in the world of work is happiness in one word.

Pre-vacation sight seeing and heritage tour on my homes island - Barbados. #Ilivewhereyouvacation :)

Pre-vacation sight seeing and heritage tour on my homes island – Barbados. #Ilivewhereyouvacation 🙂

You wait a whole year now for three or four weeks and they feel sweeter than the eight to 12 weeks you had a child.

Children, use your vacation wisely because let’s face it, after school unless you go into teaching, your vacation time is sparse and must be planned with care. You have to compete for vacation slots. You have to budget. You have to get every ounce of fun out of your few weeks of freedom.

I’m not going to spend it going to the YMCA, or doing arts and crafts but one childhood pastime that will be present in my vacation is tours. I shall see the sights, taste the foods, drink the drinks, explore and go on adventures.

See you on the other side of fun readers.

Be safe children as school soon starts. Adults, everyone going to Notting Hill, be careful and have fun; travelling for Labor Day in NYC, take care; preparing for Miami Carnival and Thanksgiving travel, remember, you’ve got to plan to have fun, school days are done.

For those of you who at the beginning were wondering what I mean by my hair has been on vacay…I have been wearing a protective style – crotchet braids. I will open it as soon as vacation for the rest of me starts. F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!!

Vacation is calling, and I can guarantee you, Sunday night at 11:59pm I am answering HELLER!!! lol 🙂

It's ALMOST hereeeee!!!

It’s ALMOST hereeeee!!!


days are done.

Bye all, vacation calls!