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I tell you, crotchet braid is life! LOL 🙂 I could not pass up that exaggeration used by the Millennials. It was too appropriate.


But on a real, crotchet braids, vixen method gave me such versatility and convenience that I have to give kudos to my installer Khadija Trotman of Blvc Allure always and to the creators of Janet Collection, Noir, Marley braids.

I was not looking forward to removing my crotchet braids even after eight weeks, four hair washes, and two deep conditions. If not for the fact that I was scheduled to go through with my Big Chop, I would not have taken out that braid maybe for another month.

Removal process

Now to the removal: Conditioner is your friend and your best employee is a hair scissors. My conditioner of choice was Kinky Curly Knot Today. It has always worked well as my detangler and in this case, it did not fail me.


I started with the back of my head, from the nape. I cut the braids to about three inches long, row by row, and then with conditioner on my fingers and rubbed into the braids, I unbraided the cornrows and removed the crotchet knotted ends along the way.

DSC_7353  DSC_7380 (1)


When I got to the braid pattern at the front, I started on the left. This time, I cut the braids again but I pulled the knots and removed the pieces of Marley braid before unbraiding the cornrows.

DSC_7343      DSC_7331


Let me not make you feel it was smooth sailing from start to end, there were some kinks, some tangles and some knots that were stubborn and did not believe I was done with crotchet braids. *Sigh* Crotchet braid removal calls for patience as well.


But when all was done a good maybe five hours later, I was amazed mostly by the fact that my hair was not breaking tremendously when I combed it out after. I was pleased to know that even in crotchet braids, I was able to protect my hair – natural roots and relaxed ends.


If you take time, patience and care, and manage your crotchet braids as though it is real hair, while not neglecting your hair beneath, I believe you will reap great length and maintain health at the same time.

So I give crotchet braids two thumbs-up and 5 stars as an excellent protective style for those trying to gain length through low manipulation.