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New York, Maryland and Washington DC, a big thank you for showing me that having natural hair is fashionable and professional.

Naturalistas on the go!

Naturalistas on the go!

The amount of women rocking natural hair and suits coming and going in the corporate world was mind-boggling and awesome.

NYC Subway spottings lol

NYC Subway spottings lol

It was a delight seeing frohawks, afros, twist outs, braid outs and updos complimenting business suits and cocktail dresses.

But more importantly, Washington DC, Capitol I tip my hat to you. It was here that natural hair looked most corporate and approved. Many naturals whether 2A or 4C must have all gotten the same memo, because they were not embracing flat-irons and straightening serums, they were briskly walking in ballet flats or trainers with their curls in full swing.

Don’t get me wrong, these images are not absent from the Caribbean, but they are not as many and the confidence being rocked in these places visited seemed so…”natural”. It is as if the women in these two American states and DC, which I visited, could just forget that their hair was natural during the day, not just at home in the mornings and evenings. They walk around so care-free that when asked if they would allow me to take pics of their natural hair, it was merely a “Sure! Side and back?” Me: “Yes thank you!”

And it was the same in the partiies during Labor Day weekend in NYC…every naturalista was open to hair pics. I was so happy! 🙂


DSC_7934    DSC_7911

They say the Lord’s timing is perfect and that is the truth. I wanted to transition for a year or close and I am pleased with my 10-month transition from relaxed to natural. Taking the big chop plunge in the U.S. was the best decision, because my confidence was shot when I saw my long hair gone. (P.S. That is not to say I like my hair,

Ribbons are my bestest friend

Ribbons are my bestest friend

because I am in not in love with this short hair phase at all, but more on that later.)

Parted...but not combed lol

Parted…but not combed lol

So far I have had nearly two weeks to adjust among the free moving naturals. It has been easy up until I pass a mirror. I am still shocked at the face looking back, but I am growing more accepting of my “cute” look. However, in my hair’s defense, there is one thing about my natural hair I loved from day one…my curls – my curl pattern.

I went back natural because I missed my curly hair and at least that is the part I love, so I don’t regret the transition and return to MY NATURAL!


And with this post I was off to Florida… Arrivedeci DC, Maryland and NY, it was great once again!