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The Curlfest in Prospect Park, Brooklyn this year was amazing in my eyes. It may not have been a helluva lot of display booths, and many product companies fail to travel with supplies for sale, but that did not dampen my spirits in any way.

Barbados at CurlFest2015

Barbados at CurlFest2015

Seeing natural hair of all lengths, textures, types, density and colour, styled in a variety of ways was simply awe-inspiring.

All colours on show

All colours on show

It was a day of comfort, no judgement and tonnes of random compliments.

For once, skin-deep natural beauty was on display and being appreciated for what it was and not condemned for what it could or should be.

As I walked around the corner of the Park freely, for the first time, I realised a few things.

  • Natural hair is versatile in its curly state. It’s not just when we protective style or flat-iron that we get variety, in its natural state, with our natural kinks we have a heap of styling options at our fingertips, literally.
  • Many naturals are living double lives. Hidden tresses and straightened kinks by day and only truly kinky by night lol #UNintendedpun
  • Naturals are still looking for validation. The self esteem and confidence of naturals at Curlfest was off the Richter. You couldn’t say a bad word about a natural that day. Heads were all head high, from the baby to the elderly. DSC_7643 DSC_7583

Well on display there were products by Tropic Isle Living (Check www.tropicisleliving.com) [I love their Jamaican Black Castor Oil]; Carols Daughter; Shea Moisture with their hair demonstration bar; Eden Bodyworks with their free Tees and microfiber towels with specific purchases; and Curls with their curly hair helpers dressed fun and funky in tutus.

Curls Representatives! #Cuuute

  Curls Representatives! #Cuuute








Then there were lots of trinkets, books and even clothing on sale – hand-made jewellery was there, buttons and pins, tees, dresses, skirts and more.


Natural diva dolls by Haus of Swag #Brooklyn

Toni of Haus of Swag! #Beautifulperson

Toni of Haus of Swag! #Beautifulperson

My favourite stall in this area was Haus of Swag. I unapologetically say that. Truthfully I didn’t visit every single stall for long periods, but I was lost in the small space of Haus of Swag for a while. And if the apparel was not enough to draw patrons, the personality of the proprietor Toni was awesome. Then there was the added allure of the dolls – the natural hair diva dolls.

I didn’t know where to go to get my goodie bag but I left with samples, purchases, free tees, an amazing skirt and some contacts in my bag which in my mind, made my tote a goodies tote.

Thank you Curly Girl Collective and all the displayers who came on board.

DSC_7651 DSC_7648

I am very happy the weather pushed back the date. I travelled from Barbados, and then took the bus from Maryland to be there and I do not regret it at all, me and my Barbados flag basked in the shouts and the comments of “Woah! Barbados in the house!”, “Hi bajan!” “Wow, Barbados!” and more.

DSC_7589 DSC_7595

Merci! Graci! Gracias! Thanks!