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After my BC…

Pronounced the same, but not the same, I had a DEVA CUT not a DIVA cut!

Five weeks ago, August 26, 2015 to be exact, I killed two birds with one stone as they say. I got my BIG CHOP done professionally via the devacut method. Talk about going big! Lol

Please be advised this is how I felt, it’s personal and it may vary from how you felt after your BC. Thank you in advance.

I did not come out head snapping and haughty, I actually left the salon a little down.

This pic kind of sums up how I felt after... RIGHT AFTER! #didn'tevenwantpics

This pic kind of sums up how I felt after… RIGHT AFTER! #didn’tevenwantpics

Firstly, my response to my devacut in no way reflects on the stylist nor the salon because both were exceptional. My devacut was done by Yasmine of Diaspora Salon in Baltimore.


Yasmine doing my aunt’s #devacut


#DiasporaSalon #Baltimore

I just did not expect the length. Shrinkage I love you but when I had the big reveal I completely forgot about you. All I saw was short, short, hair and my chipmunk cheeks. I wanted to cry. I wanted to yell. I really just shut down mentally and emotionally.

I left the salon and went exploring Baltimore with a shadow of gloom over me.

My aunt's results

My aunt’s results

My aunt, God bless her soul. She too got a devacut, but she was transitioning from heat damage to curly again and she was my own cheerleader that day. She was raving about “It’s so curly!” “It’s so soft” “It’s too pretty”.

As we walked the Inner Harbour in Baltimore, I refused to take pics. I was really feeling “frumpy”. Never thought I would use that adjective to refer to myself but I was really down.DSC_7462

And it was all because I could not wrap my hair around the fact that after 10-months transitioning I still had to go through this short phase.

However, after we went to The Gallery [Mall] at Harbour Place, my mood brightened up a little bit because my aunt bought me a Pandora charm (I love those things honest!) and then as my Pandora bracelet was cleaned for free (Yayyy!!!) we walked the mall and I felt some of my depression dissipate.

Depression may seem like a harsh word but the fact that I did not take any pics of myself in a strange place, which I was visiting for the very first time, says a lot. I love some kind of documentation.


Anyways, I am just praying for healthy hair to continue, and for growth to come along as well.

So far, I am happy that:

  • I am natural
  • I won’t be getting chemical burns for a while (I can’t say I would never relax. Don’t judge me or judge me. That’s all your prerogative honestly.)
  • I love my curl pattern. I love my curly hair.
  • I am finding products my hair loves.
#cruising #LaborDay #NYC #2015

#cruising #LaborDay #NYC #2015

Finally, once the shock wore off, or not let me lie, as the shock continues to wear off, because let’s face it, it was a whole other story when I realised I was boarding a plane to Barbados with short hair, I am taking solace in the fact that my hair really isn’t the shortest.

I have skipped the TWA stage and didn’t taper cut. I transitioned and it allowed me to go straight to the PIXIE stage *whew and happy dance*.

I’m still not in love with this length, so we’ll see what’s in store until I get to a comfortable length.

But as you can expect, I’ll keep you in the know along the way.