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Naturally curly is now kanekalon curly. *giggle*

How did I curl my box braids?


I put my hair in two, down the center and work with one half at a time.

I rolled the ends of three or four braids together around my spiral rods tightly and secured them. Then I dipped them in a small pot of hot boiling water.


I waited 2 minutes and then placed the ends with rods in my towel and squeezed them dry.

Emptied the saucepan and repeated the process on the other half of my head. DSC_8380

Keep steady all the while, take care and be conscious that the steam will be hot as it rises and touches your face while you dip the ends for 2 minutes. KEEP VERY STILL! I place the small pot on the counter and lean my head down. I do not lift and hold the pot.


Good luck, if you want the Curly Sue, Raggedy Ann, Strawberry Shortcake look too 🙂