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So in the words of my Trini friends, I catch a vaps and end up with braids on. 🙂 I was walking by the hair store two days ago, called the braider, she said “yes”, she was free and that’s the end…braids in yesterday!


Usually, it’s the opposite way around – naturalistas, get in a mood, or get a feeling (“catch a vaps”) and they end up snatching off their weave or taking out their extensions before the 4-6 week period is done. I was always different and continue to be.

DSC_8382DSC_8383If all goes to plan, this is the start of a 3-month protective style challenge: where I will be washing and cleansing my scalp, every 2 weeks while in braids and after the extensions are removed. Once removed in 4 weeks, it’s deep conditioning and a 5-day protective style, co-wash and cleanse then a long-term protective style again.


Every 3 days, I will strive to oil my scalp and moisturise my braids with braid oil and spritz with a mix of water and grapeseed oil.


Let’s see how long this lasts.

First up is for me to get through 4-weeks with these box braids cause the heat in Barbados is TURNT RIGHT UPPPPPP!!!

Wish me luck…or better yet, join me if you wish…What is your own personal hair challenge at present?