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When you journey back to natural or if you have always been natural and realise that you have similarities with other naturals especially popular ones… it’s awesome.

Or maybe that is just me… I’m never sure yuh know. Oh well.

So I was watching a Naptural85 YouTube video for the simplicity of a braid style she was showing. And then I saw it! Whitney has some silver hair too. (Call yours grey, but mine is silver…leave me. Hmph! lol)

Silvers up in the mix of strands on Naptural85's head :)

Silvers up in the mix of strands on Naptural85’s head 🙂

I was so happy to realise I am not alone on this front and the thing is these hairs have a knack for ‘showing up and out’ right in the middle of your head. What is up with that?!! You guys may have noticed or not, but I love a center part and I love rocking my hair in two, so sometimes it’s most annoying when people say or more accurately, YELL, “Waittttttttt you got grey hair!” Let me just insert here, Barbadians (natives of Barbados, also called Bajans) are NOT known for their subtlety, soft-spoken nature nor silence on some observations.

Not sure Naptural85 would be happy with me highlighting her silvers, but trust me when I say that noticing those strands have given my self esteem a boost, I aint lying.

Anyways, on top of that I was very happy to realise that me and Whitney have at least one article of clothing in common. This summer there were many trends out there but I always like clothes that give the illusion of being a dress while being a romper or pants, so imagine my joy when I saw Whitney rocking a romper that I own as well.

What’s that saying? Great minds think alike! #Fosho lol I can’t wait to wear mine, with a twist! *wink* 😉

Naptural85 @ Afropunk in NY

Naptural85 @ Afropunk in NY

Oh and I was really psyched when I discovered that Whitney alias Naptural85 attended Curlfest 2015 in NYC just like me. Yes I didn’t see her or I didn’t pick her out in the crowd of amazing naturals, but it was great to learn that she went too and we were in the same place at the same time lol Next time I’ll keep an eye out for her #Godwilling.

Well that’s it for now…I was just shairing lol

*waves bye*