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Sooooooo…this happened today! lol


I am always catching a vaps. But in my defense, I am trying not to keep any protective style for longer than four weeks.

Yesterday marked four weeks for my 1st protective style in this three-month protective challenge, and today was my beach day. Hence I went one-day past my end point.

Bye-bye box braids. *Waves hand, but sheds no tears*

I really am trying not to keep any style for more than four weeks if I even survive that long.

How was the first installment?

I washed my hair twice and deep conditioned twice while in the box braids. Yay me!

I did not oil my scalp every three days. I oiled it as need be or as it demanded. Bad me. L

Was the goal achieved?

Health-wise, there was shedding but not excessive, nothing to scream about and no breakage. #winning

Length-wise, I saw a noticeable difference but I am not focusing on growth until the end. #soexcited

So I called my namesake, Kerrie, just spelt different and tried to explain my wish. She listened, interpreted and said yes but she will make it fancier. Lol

Then once I had unbraided my hair and washed it with As I Am shampoo and conditioned with III Sisters Once a Week Nourishing Treatment, she came an got started.

IMG_20151102_185818IMG_20151102_185805It’s a “centipede-style” and kanekalon braid is added to bulk up the two “featured” cornrows. Otherwise, it’s all my hair.

She complained about my curly hair wanting to peek out the braids lol Oh well, my hair nuh like to relax. (Get it?! Lololol)

My scalp is a little sore from when I detangled in the shower. I mistakenly tried detangling with the widetooth comb BEFORE finger detangling OUCH! Otherwise it is okay, and is so purrrrty!

My scalp has been oiled with my new mix – ylang ylang, coconut oil, JBCO, grapeseed oil. My hair conditioned with Deva Curl One Condition and Curls moisturiser.

I feel fancy.

Tomorrow I will be all Beyonce-like, “I woke up like THIS! Feeling myself.” LOL 🙂

I’m sure you guys missed my crazy. lol

Now back to the new protective style, the hope is to keep this style for two weeks, but we’ll see how that goes, because let’s face it, I could catch a vaps after a week. lololol


But on the bright side, it’s month two, I just may make it THREE months, but don’t place any bets.

*goes and looks for satin cap, and prep for bed*