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In less than three hours natural hair will be on stage, up front and centre at the Grand Salle in Bridgetown.

And the excitement is palatable.

SpecialKinks may have been busy but we had to get this post out so that all attending can be reassured of what to expect, while those who are unaware or not attending will have a chance to be blown away and end up at the event.

So it’s a win-win post, I’d say.

We chatted with the organiser Alison Biscette-Glasgow and here’s what she had to say.


Special Kinks (SK): Name your event
Alison: The name of the event is the Barbados Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show.

SK: Why the theme, ‘I am art’?‬‪
Alison: The idea behind last year’s Show was Educating, Encouraging and Empowering. But now we’ve established that as our mission, this year’s theme was born out of the need to encourage naturalistas. Let them know that they are amazing just the way they are!

SK: How did you come up with the concept for the Shows?‬‪
Alison: I came across an event for Naturals that was being held in America. And I always wanted to meet other naturalistas here in Barbados. I thought that would be the perfect environment to bring Naturals into. And to also let them leave motivated to go on!

SK: What kind of response did you get from displayers?‬‪
Alison: For our inaugural Show the persons we contacted we were so enthusiastic!
They were wonderful. They truly caught the vision. I want to grow this even better and bigger, so they can feed their families, doing something they’re passionate about!

SK: Were sponsors more responsive this year?‬‪
Alison: I’m just happy that I actually spoke to sponsors in Corporate Barbados. Last year there wasn’t even correspondence, haha. (SK: We’re proud of you taking steps, risks and just trying! 🙂

But just like our last Show. We got so much love from growing businesses! Much love to Essgee Creative, Mocha Hair Designs, Avoda Consulting and all the rest!

SK: What can patrons expect today?‬‪
Alison: Patrons can expect a really fun, encouraging, atmosphere. Where they can let loose, see beautiful women loving on each other. Being what they are, Works of Art!

Hair Show logo

SK: Who is displaying?‬‪
Alison: Some great businesses from last year and some others
Regal Nail Artistry
Coconut Baby
Sugar Dream Inc.
Ascend Spa
Nouri Pa Nati
Ashlar Designs
Medi Supplies-Trinidand and Tobago

SK: How do you feel right now about today, anxious, excited?‬‪
Alsion: Extremely anxious!!
Anything that can go wrong does! But my support team and family and friends are very encouraging!! (SK: Forget Murphy’s law, naturalistas show up! 🙂

So go and have a great time if you are in the 246 and free. 4pm – 8pm. Oh, and walk with your purse/wallet and business cards.