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She’s not merely the belle of the of the ball…she is just BELLE, as in beautiful, all day, erry day!

Readers, meet Annabelle!


Anddddddddd for the first time ever, SpecialKinks is featuring a French naturalista straight out of, you guessed it – France!

It feels good to find beauty in France in the wake of the attacks, to remind people that the ugliness of the attacks is not all there is to the country.

Without further ado, I give you Belle!

SpecialKinks (SK): Welcome Ms. BellandFit. Explain your name for our followers here (Remember to follow, thanks)

Belle: First of all, Belle is half of my first name. Belle in french means beautiful. Fit because I like sports and Fitness. I like doing Fitness exercise at home. But belle also makes référence to Dido Élizabeth Belle à mixed race girl who was raised by à white aristocratic family when slavery was in. So she was on the same level as white people. And for me, for every woman in the world has to feel beautiful and wonderful, she has to love herself. It begins by taking of our body, what we eat and working out.

SK: How long have you been natural?

Belle: I have always been Natural, proud of who I am and of my hair. I am proud of who I am, a mixed race girl raised in à small town of France.

SK: What’s your hair type?

Belle: I don’t know if we can speak about hair type. What my hair type is ??? I have got several hair types in my hair like 3a, 3b and 3c front, but the middle and back of my hair are not thé same. (SK: I know this is fact!)

SK: Why did you cut your locs?

Belle: I wanted to get back to my afro after see my locs grow and pampering them. Locs mean a lot of patience, time and too much caring. I just wanted to change hairstyle. PhotoGrid_1447595279702

I was tired of palm rolling my locs and taking care of them.Tell you thé truth having locs is thé hairstyle which asks for more caring and attention. I wanted to get my afro back and to see my hair “grow up” and feel my curly hair in my hands. (SK: Aint that the truth, how our curls grow up and out, not down lol)

SK: Was the transition difficult?

Belle: At the beginning I had some difficulty with recognizing myself with shaved hair.   But I found this haircut awesome and totally fitting what I wanted. No more problem to style or wash my hair lol. When you big chop your hair, it’s so cool to see our hair grow; the more we see it grow more we love taking care of it. We even start to make our own natural products or test some Natural brand products.

SK: What’s your regimen?

Belle: My hair regimen

  • Prepoo ( tea tree oil or homemade garlic and onion oil)
  • Tea tree oil soothes itchy scalp, prevents hair loss treats lice and cradle cape and moisturizes hair and scalp

Onion and garlic oil stimulate blood circulation improve hair thickness, provide growth, relief from irritating symptoms and provide shine. But also prevents hair breakage and so hair loss.

  • Home made Deep conditioner every 2 weeks
  • Shampoo once à week
  • Mask once à week
  • Homemade spray with soft water and oils ( aloe Véra, castor oil and jasmine oil) Anytime I need, but not every day. Every 2 or 3 days
  • I don’t put too much products in my hair.

SK: Favourite hair products

Belle: Crème brûlée or whipped cream from Curls brand and cowash and coconut shampoo from Alikay natural

SK: How easy is it sourcing products in France?

Belle: For some products it is easy. I live in à big city so we got à lot of shops which sell à lot of average products for kinky coily curly hair. But nevertheless for products like Alikay Natural, I have to shop online on Alikay Natural website. (You and me both, back in Barbados…or at least that’s how I got my Camille Rose lol)

SK: How do you feel about people who do not “approve” of natural hair, especially as a professional way to wear your hair?

Belle: God make me as I am with this curly or kinky hair so I don’t know why I can’t wear my own natural hair as I want. Wearing natural hair is not unprofessional but what is unprofessional is turning down employees due to superficial reasons and not their skill levels. Being unique means being yourself while redefining society being standards. (SK: PREACH!!! Stick it to them!)

SK: That said, do you get any negative comments in France?

Belle: The kinds of résponses which make me sick :

  • You have to style your hair
  • You should try bkow dry
  • Same fro as thé Jacksons 5
  • With this hairstyle you will not be able to get à job
  • It will be difficult for you getting à job
  • Your hair is too big
  • You should cut it
  • It feels so fluffy
  • Can I touch your hair
  • How often you wash it and so on. (SK: Oceans away and she sounds like us in the Caribbean…wow!)

SK: Any hair crushes? blackonyx 77 ( Rochelle Graham)

Belle: My hair crushes are French fatim blackonyx 77 (Rochelle Graham) from Alikay Natural. She’s my guru actually lol and of course Taren Guy (SK: of course lol)

SK: What’s a bad hair day like for you?

Belle: There is no bad hair day because for me thé pattern of my hair changes with products I use. For instance w/ kinky curly products my curls is too much to detangle. I really don’t like those products. They are not good for my hair. This is why I don’t use them anymore. Like many of my Natural Sistas I am à hair product junkie, à hairproductsaholic….but none are best, like my homemade products. (SK: We must add hairproductsaholic to our vocab because it is the truth in one word lol Thanks Belle!)

SK: How best would you describe your hair in one word?

Belle: My crown – I always wear my crown, because I am not my hair but my hair is me.

SK: Talk to us about your edgy tapered cut, bleaching and growing out your cut. PhotoGrid_1447595332985

SK: What led to you bleaching your curls?

Belle: When I saw some pictures of Charmsie it made me want to bleach my curls. So I bleached my curls in various shades of blond.

SK: Why are you growing out your tapered cut?

Belle: Because I would love to have a big ass fro like Taren Guy (SK: lolol)

SK: How come you are growing out your roots, without retouching?

Belle: I just bleached thé ends of my hair. Being totally blonde doesn’t fit me. It was really hard to bleach my hair, we repeated thé process 3 or 4 times in a row.

SK: How does the weather in France impact your curls?


Belle: It is not really thé weather in France, but hard water dries out my hair. When I go back to Martinique (French West Indies Caribbean island) for holiday, my hair is totally not thé same thanks to soft water. (SK: Our Caribbean soft water… *fireworks* YAY!!!)

SK: It was a pleasure interviewing Belle and she gave some parting advice:

Belle: Believe in yourself and be proud of what you are and accept your hair as who you are. We are killing it Sistas. Xoxo from France with all My love for you. We are all part of thé team. I am so glad to be in it and very proud of each of you. Keep going on this journey…

If you want to follow Belle’s journey don’t hesitate to follow her on instagram @bellenfit and on facebook page @belleandfit

Also, click this link and watch her hair journey story!

Belle’s natural hair journey 2

Au revoir! (Thank you 2nd form French 🙂