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We’re journeying to the continent of…. AFRICA!

Meet Miracle aka Mimi


SpecialKinks (SK): State your name and country of birth.

Mimi: Hi naturalistas! I’m Miracle Ogoloma (Mimi for short). I’m a 17 yr old
4c Nigerian natural & student.

SK: Tell me about yourself in three sentences.

Mimi (laughing): I’m a book, movie & nutella addict.

I’ve got a love affair with natural hair & I’m a natural hair blogger
at www.nappyteens.wordpress.com

Lastly, I’m a ‘live for the moment’ kinda girl who loves life as a whole. (SK:Lovely!)

Talk to us about the Nigerian naturalista experience

SK: What was it like growing up natural in Nigeria?

Mimi: I can’t remember because I had my hair relaxed at an early age but that didn’t stop mum from doing African threading almost every time
lol. We normally did plaits to school. Our fancy hairstyles for special occasions were ‘packing gels’ which is simply adding a ponytail weave of any kind to our gelled hair.

SK: How did you discover special kinks?

I did a search for natural hair on my wordpress app & Tada! Loved it & went sneaking around. (SK: Thank you 🙂

SK: What responses-positive and negative do you get most towards your hair?


Mimi: Both. Once woman almost fell into a puddle looking at a big bun I did (wrote about that in my blog in the post ‘Sunday bun sunday’) which
was a positive response in my view 😀 but I also get negative hair comments, rude stares etc.

SK: What would you say to any young Nigerian girls considering going natural?

Mimi: Don’t be afraid to show off your hair in this country. It can be depressing that some Africans mock our natural hair but don’t let that
discourage you. Your hair is beautiful & unique.

Also pleaseeeeee make good use of our natural & available products like aloe vera, Shea butter etc instead of hustling for products that
might empty your wallet & leave you discouraged.


SK: How long have you been natural or transitioning?

Mimi: I’ve been natural for a year & 7 months.

SK: Why did you decide to go natural?

Mimi: I woke up one morning in high school and found most of my back hair gone…..as in really gone, after I had managed to grow out my hair to
shoulder length (lol well almost,my front hair was longer than the back).

Later when I went home for the holidays (March 2013) , my mum saw my hair, prayed for it & cut the front to the same level as the back.
During my pre-Med, a hairdresser cut off most of my hair & I was tired of the hair abuse. I was also committing, so I decided to go natural on Nov 9th 2013; all my relaxed ends where gone & my hair was
a TWA.

SK: Why did you chose to big chop or transition?

Mimi: Lol I didn’t even have a choice as the hairdresser literally did the big chop for me. Before the chop, I didn’t transition, I just kept my
hair short. (SK: I would have had to pray for that hairdresser…Amen.)


And your hair is growing wonderfully. #lengthcheck

SK: How easy or difficult was it at the beginning stages when you chopped?

Mimi: It was difficult…. I didn’t know what to do with my hair so I hid it in box braids & weaves. I washed it in box braids before taking them down, didn’t know how to properly comb moisturize, stretch etc.

My mum chased me around with relaxers, teen naturals were very few over her & salon sessions became nightmares.

But by November 2014 when I was back home, I decided to go online (NOTE: browsing & camera phones weren’t allowed in my pre-Med school) & I
learnt a lot.

My mum later went natural too but relaxed later this year cause she wasn’t really big on styling. (SK: We understand, hair care and comfort is most important.)

SK: What is your hair regimen?

Mimi: I was afraid of this question because I really don’t have any specific or nailed down regimen, but here’s an over view.

I moisturize with a DIY liquid leave in or my DIY creamy moisturizer (Shea butter,conditioner & avocado oil) which can be daily this week
or only once next week depending on my hair.

I like variety so I might wash my hair with dudu osun black soap, petals conditioner, water only washes or tea rinses.

I love moisture baggying deep conditioning anytime I’ll be occupied. I simply spray my leave in, cover with a shower cap & seal with Shea butter, but I do deep condition occasionally with either ORS hair
mayonnaise, my oil mix, Emily millionaire coconut oil & herbs,a combination of any of the above or a DIY mix.

I stretch my hair by dividing in 4 sections & braiding each one or doing big cornrows which will give me a braid out in the morning.

SK: Name your favourite products.

My 2 liters bottle of petals conditioner, ORS hair mayonnaise (cause it’s a multi tasking product), Emily millionaire coconut oil & herbs,
Shea butter & olive oil.

Most of my products are DIYs & I can make most of them from the above products. (SK: Congrats)

SK: How easy or difficult is it sourcing products that you love to use on your hair where you live or relax?

Mimi: It’s just recently that natural hair shops & products became available in Nigeria & they are still in small numbers. I turned to diy products
because it’s hard getting products here. (SK: Wow!)

DIY products are better because simple products like olive oil,honey,glycerin etc are easier to find, & besides I’m a student & can’t afford expensive hair products which might not even work on my hair. (SK: Even the employed naturalistas can understand and relate to this lol)


SK: Favourite hairstyles?

Mimi: Buns & braid outs. Buns are usually my lazy day hairstyles & also for when my hair isn’t co operating as a last resort.

SK: Tell me about a great hairday or a bad hair day in a short story, or about a liked or frustrating feature about your hair.

I love the fascination accompanied with shrinkage & love the versatility. My hair can be annoying sometimes & has her wild days but I love her because she has a mind of her own & is unique.

SK: Do you have any hair crushes?

Mimi: Sure, a lot but a few are Geraldine of Geraldine the great blog, tk wonder & cipriana quann, tori (@bonafidestyle), mz_Tammy etc.

SK: What would you say to say to employers and teachers out there who think that natural hair is not for the office or the class room,

Mimi: It’s my hair. If doesn’t define me but it’s a big part of me. I will not relax or straighten it for your satisfaction so you’ll just have to tolerate or deal with it. (Seriously). (SK: *standing ovation*)


SK: Describe your hair in one word and why.

Mimi: Unique-it’s me.

SK: Name something outrageous or edgy or just different you would love to try with your hair but have not had the guts to try it YET!

Mimi: Wine highlights! Hibiscus, eye shadow & honey aren’t doing anything. I’m totally not ready for commercial dyes & I can’t find hair chalks!

SK: Where can you be found online?

You can find me on my natural hair teen blog (adults are very welcome)

Twitter: @itz_mimiii , IG: @itx_mimi & my email is mimzzy2020@gmail.com
My IG account is new though but I’ve got a lot of pics coming so do watch out. Hair love y’all!

Thank you Miracle and happy growing.