Yes I got me some more crotchet braids and again I chose the vixen method.


However, this time instead of three sections, my hair has four sections.

Khadija Trotman did my crotchet braids again. She’s awesome so I returned. That simple!

She parted my hair in four – forehead to nape and across, ear to ear. Then she cornrowed each section. It was a little tight, but I find that my natural hair seems to be growing faster than when I was transitioning because it’s been three weeks and my cornrows feel very loose already. (Dancing around \o/)

Anyways, she cornrowed lightning quick and then started to crotchet using the underloop method again.

This time I used three full packs of hair – 2 packs of 1B and a pack of 1B mixed with 30 (a brown colour) I think.

I liked how it came out, though originally I felt like I had sooooooooo much hair at the back of my head lol.

Days later, I was managing it like it’s mine own 🙂