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It was a transformative year!

2015 saw me go from the decision to go back natural to actually big chopping and becoming natural once again.

Was it easy?

Not really!

Why would I say so?

Well in the world of work, there are rules and regulations that sometimes say ‘natural hair is NOT okay if it is not straight and sleek’. These rules are not written down anywhere but the looks, the stares, the suggestions, and the display of weaves and ponytails by the higher-level colleagues ultimately scream, don’t rock the boat with the curly, kinky, coily hair.

So with that in mind, it was a year of braid outs and twist outs and Bantu knot outs, until those no longer blended the two textures well.

Then I pushed that corporate envelope with braids and hey, get away with it once, try, try and try again because protective styles such as box braids have seen great inches of growth coming in.

And before I knew it, two sets of braids later I was at the hairdresser to try crotchet braids and it was the seventh month of the year. I had made it through the first half of the year.

I tried crotchet braids and fell in love, no lie!

I would have kept those in for a good three months but then my explorations online led me to discover the DEVA CUT!

Oh and after realising that many naturals had no shape, in terms of their hair or they got their hair shaped when flat-ironed which meant it was never cut while curly, I was hooked on getting a DEVA CUT.

The journalist I am and never remembering that curiosity killed the cat, I googled, searched and found some options which I could explore while on vacation in NY!

I jumped for Grand Kadooment during our Crop Over Festival with my crotchet braids. They got paint at Foreday Morning (Barbados’ version of j’ouvert) and they survived the entire Crop Over Festival.

I ended up getting my DEVA CUT in Baltimore – loved the place and the stylist, hated my result.

After almost 10 months transitioning, when I saw the length, I felt like I had transitioned and put in the tough work for nothing. I was deflated and not happy. Added to that I was stressing cause my bf doesn’t fancy short hair according to him. So I was not “feeling myself” after my cut. Then I got more accustom each day to seeing myself in the mirror and my bestfriend daily commented on how cute my selfies were and how she wished she could do the same. But she’d always say “let’s face it, I aint got that kinda hair. So no no. lolol”

And to those who would crucify my bestfriend, take SEVERAL SEATS! Just like relaxed hair aint for everyone, neither is natural hair, when you talk maintenance and patience.

Anyways, then I came back to Barbados and had to adjust all afresh to being at home with short hair and all the comments.

I switched jobs also and felt freer because in my new office, there are weaves and relaxed hair, sitting next to box braids, faux locs, twists, tapered cuts, and dyed hair. I was in a zone where my hair could feel comfortable.

Then, a nice male colleague hit me with, ‘you’re cute. Have you ever thought of straightening your hair? You would look even better!’ Well I held my tongue and kept my cool. I nicely said, ‘I just finished that journey, cut my hair and I’m back natural now, sorry.’ #notsorry


Anyways, three length checks later, my hair at the front is to my top lip; I can do a big puff; rock an awesome faux hawk and; my hair is growing in the heart shape that the stylist and DEVA CUT promised.

I am very happy.


To end the year off, I did a bomb twist out, thanks be to God, using perm rods and my hair was in crotchet braids again using NOIR Janet Collection Marley braid.

Now it’s 2016!

Believe it or not, it’s been only 5 weeks since my crotchet braids were installed but 2016 has me itching to take it out and rock my curls, so maybe I wont reach three months yet again.

This time however, I am very excited!

Happy New Year and may you all continue growing, styling and learning your curls more too!