Well let me tell you how I wash my crotchet braids, because let’s face it; I wash my hair while in all protective styles.

I stick to my every two-week wash regimen regardless of how my hair is styled. This is to prevent my psoriasis from flaring up.

DSC_6392.JPGI put Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo in a spray bottle with water and shake it up until the mix is foamy.

I section my hair into four. DSC_6390.JPG

I spray the exposed scalp, then undo one section and spray the scalp between the cornrows.

I rub the foam onto my scalp and massage with my fingertips to work it in properly.


Repeat this, massaging the mixture in the other three sections.


I retwist or plait each section after massaging, then shower once all four sections are completed to allow the shampoo to work.

After about 5-10 minutes, I let the water run from the shower and flow through my hair, so as to not tangle the Marley braid.

I rinse the spray bottle thoroughly.

I used to put in Kinky Curly Knot Today and Cantu Moisturising DC but I “mix it up” now lol. Get it? Bad joke! Anyways I am trying different products now. The last time I washed my crotchet braids I used Taliah Waajid – Enhancing Herbal Conditioner. I put the conditioner in the bottle along with water then shake it vigorously until a thick milk-like potion results.

I spray the scalp in each section and work the conditioner through on the scalp, then smoothe some of the conditioner to the ends of the Marley braids, without tugging, so as to avoid popping the weave thread holding the cornrows in place in my braid pattern beneath.

Then I cover my hair with a conditioning cap.

15-minutes later, I let the water again flow through my hair rinsing away the conditioner.

Then I wrap my hair in a big T-shirt turban-style. Once some of the water has been absorbed I let it air dry.

I apply Lotta Body Moisturize Me – Curl and Style Milk and shea butter once dried; brush each section with my Denman brush and plait my hair in big three-strand plaits, then rod the plaits.

I use cold wave or perm rods.


After my whole head is covered in rods, I dip the rods, section by section in boiling hot water for 1-2 minutes, dry with my T-shirt and then go to bed.


And that my dear readers is how I wash my crotchet braids and follow with perm rods and braids to rock a braid out.