Recently I saw someone complaining about how they were fooled and tricked by a braid.

They used a brand of Havana Mambo Braids to do a crotchet braid style and a day or two later, she was saying that the braid was a tangled mess.


Well, I am not saying that the braid may not be the problem, but I am an advocate for technique over brand any day.

I feel the same when it comes to products too, it’s not all the expensive brand name products that do the best “tricks”, I’d say 90% of the time, it’s technique, how you apply, use and follow-through with said products or any product.

But that is an aside.

As I was saying, she was upset about how the braid had become a tangled mess. So I will tell you all how I detangle my Marley braid.

Sometimes, I get lazy with my crotchet braids. How?

I wear it in a bun for days and weeks, just brushing it in and touching it up, but never doing it over. Why? Sheer laziness is all I have as an excuse. Lol Or I just don’t even remember to do my hair, it’s so convenient! J I like the second reason more; it paints me in a better light (flips hair lol)


Now that aside too, here’s the how to, you came to read about lol

Here’s how I detangle my crotchet braids:

  • Put your hair into four sections
  • Use ouchless ties to hole each section of hair
  • In a spray bottle, put water and a leave-in conditioner or detangler of your choice.
  • Open one section and spray it. Don’t soak the hair.
  • Use a brush, preferably a Denman or another similar brush and using long strokes, brush out the hair. (HOLD THE BASE OF THE HAIR FIRMLY! Or OUCHHHHH!)
  • If it is too much hair to brush at once, break the section into two or three and brush each sub-section.

Crotchet braids collage.jpg

  • Take a penny-size amount of shea butter, rub it in the palms of your hands and apply it to the hair in that section.
  • Twist the section in one big twist or two twists.
  • Move on to the other sections and repeat the process.
  • Be gentle with your leave-out and pay special attention to your hairline as you brush. Some people prefer to finger-detangle their leave-out. The choice is yours.


And that my dear readers, is how I take my crotchet braids from a dull, rusty tragedy to terrific, poofy and shiny! 🙂


You’re welcome.